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Airsoft – Volante Airsoft – STRATOS BBU pour G17-22-26-34 Marui & KJW [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Volante Airsoft – STRATOS BBU pour G17-22-26-34 Marui & KJW [ENG sub]

Darn ! What’s this huge courgette? I like Summer! Hi everyone and welcome to the Lair you’re disappointed because just like me you’re a rebel, an outlaw you play with a Tokyo Marui Glock! Glock 17, 22, 26, 34? but you’re really disappointed not to experience the same kick as the latest GBBs fortunately, Volante airsoft has issued a new blowback unit for us! the Stratos I like that! first of all let me thank Gaël from GP Customs for lending this part to me it comes directly from Volante in Corea this is the Stratos Blowback unit all the links are in the description below it costs between 54.

99 and 79.99$ depending if you select a premium service or not for 54.99 there’s a 15-day warranty for 79.99 the warranty is extended to 6 months, you get two free shipments in case a part fails and if there is a product update, Volante will send it to you for free usually I don’t make videos about spare parts I’m no expert so it is not very relevant to me I wasn’t even supposed to make a video out of this one but I’ve tested it and I absolutely wanted to show it to you guys! let’s open the box a business card extra O-rings a metal washer and a urethane buffer then you get 5 gas-routes made of rubber you can only see 4 because I’ve installed one into a magazine watch the difference between the Volante part and Marui’s this is the blowback unit the BBU is made out of zamac2 according to the website, zamac2 is one of the sturdiest alloy sturdier than 7075 aluminium, so it shouldn’t break there’s no external spring, nothing falls down of the BBU the rear plate can be removed, you can even use a custom one the nozzle is made of PEEK used on medical implants and in semi-conductors as well as space shuttles very solid plastic as you can see there are two stages yes, two cylinders ! One of 15.

5mm and one of 13.5mm gas enters here the large cylinder gives an important acceleration and the speed is maintained by the small cylinder more recoil more regularity but a small drop in velocity, we’ll control that later on this BBU is compatible with G17-22-26 and 34 Tokyo Marui, KJW and any other copy I don’t know for sure if it is compatible with other brands I’ve got a G22 and a G26 here it is supposed to be a drop-in mechanism oops, there’s a BB inside it is very fast to install remove the screw remove the original BBU watch the spring, sometimes it flies away now insert the Stratos that’s it the gun is ready is it? Noooo! I need to replace the gas route first! the shape of the outlet is different it needs to fit the shape of the cylinder Marui’s are not good punch the pin mind the spring inside but it is not supposed to spring out because of the BB follower pull the gas route out and install the new one its shape is made so you can lock it in place you can use a tool to push it inside but don’t damage it! put the lips back to the mag it is very simple to do it is a bit messy on my desk! I started with the G26 because even if they tell you it’s compatible with the G22 the BBU I’ve received doesn’t fit the slide there’s a teeny tiny bit of material which prevent inserting the BBU so I need to file the slide or the BBU a bit and you may hear my phone vibrating, this is Gaël telling me not to file my 80$-BBU 🙂 I’m going to file the slide then let’s do this the parts are probably moulded so there’s a possibility that there was an extra bit of alloy I’m going to file this part now it’s perfect it kicks like a mule! it is a very nice feeling to shoot this gun now with the original magazine and gas route it works but the gas consumption is not optimal you feel the leak the velocity loss is lower than expected I haven’t showed you my G17 because I don’t own the original BBU any more There are Poseidon parts inside I can feel your question coming : is it better to use Poseidon parts or a Volante BBU? the main advantage of the Stratos is to increase the diameter of the cylinder so you’ll reach, or even get better results than with new Marui GBBs well, the ones with 15mm cylinders you’ll optimize your gun I talked about these parts before I can’t install them because I’d need a two-part spring guide Marui parts can’t be split I’m done with the overview of this Stratos BBU by Volante airsoft does it worth its price? Well, given the quality of the product, I’d go for a yes let’s hope it is durable it is really cool to increase the diameter now it is up to you to say if this part has any interest I’ve tested it and it’s nice so I wanted to share with you I’ll come back to you soon with a “budget” Agency Arms G17 kit I talked about the high-end kit a few months ago don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of this part it is interesting? Do you prefer stock guns? thumb up if you’ve liked the video otherwise, thumb down subscribe right here and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and so on see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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