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Airsoft – VFC- Virgo M4 conversion kit [ENG sub]


Honestly, out-of-the-box systems aren’t worth anything we’re often disappointed Hi everyone, welcome o the Lair today I’m going to talk to you about the new Virgo conversion kit by VFC it’s got a brushless motor let’s go! before starting I’d like to thank Floris, one of my subscribers well, I don’t know if he subscribed to this channel… maybe not… he sent me his kit directly from Redwolf.UK it is very expensive he paid more than 500€ with shipping it IS expensive if you remember well I made a video about the Virgo system back at the IWA a VFC representative explained the system to us well, I’m gonna do the same! it is delivered in a classy black box with golden markings this is the DX kit and given the green sticker I’d say that this is a low-power kit inside we find the users’ manuals one about the Virgo system how to plug the battery, change fire mode and there’s a drawing showing different configurations in fact, VFC think that players who buy M4s only want to replace the stock, the handguard and so forth so they want to propose a conversion kit on which you can mount your favorite parts there’s another manual for the brushless motor there’s a complete receiver, ready to play a reinforced 10.5″ outer barrel the original box of the brushless motor with the command cable, the command box and the lanyard I think there’s only one company that makes airsoft brushless motors…This is the original installation manual I made two videos about brushless motors, check them out but here the motor is already installed so you don’t need this manual there’s also a hop-up unit with the C-clip, bucking and barrel spacer now let’s have a look at the Avalon receiver it is nicely finished well, nothing new for an Avalon gun they’ve installed a Crusader ambidextrous mag release the fire selector is also ambidextrous there’s a QRS trigger guard a QRS pistol grip surprisingly there’s a regular trigger, not the Crusader speed trigger a mini Tamiya plug there’s no bolt catch the upper rail is marked the idea is to take an M4 that you already own, strip it from the stock, handguard and maybe outer barrel or to buy the Virgo and buy aftermarket parts to customize your replica the barrel nut is not in the box I hope that most threads are compatible…Inside the received we’ve got an Avalon gearbox it is basically reinforced VFC ah, see here, the pre-cocking is active yes, I’ve used the system a bit before the review there’s a
CNC piston head, lightweight piston, lightweight cylinder here’s a picture and let’s have a look at the motor this is the brushless motor embedding a FET it has no secrets for you because you’ve watched my videos multiple times!! the white plug is for configuration using the programming device I won’t show again how it is installed, watch my videos guys! even if you’re lazy I’m sure you can click on the “i” at the top right hand corner if you can’t, well, stop breathing because life is really difficult! VFC is very confident in its system, not long ago “Softtech” on Facebook made a video about VFC gearboxes saying that is was not worth the price of course he said that Avalon was a bit better I’ve got a Titan inside my Avalon Saber and the gearbox seems to take it brushless motors are torque and speed beasts, you’ll see it I agree that sometimes VFC make odd choices, but I wouldn’t see the point in selling systems that will end up in a shop for repair…They used it the whole IWA, that’s 4 days, and I don’t think it broke down I’m gonna mount a few things on this Virgo now breathe, I’m back! I took a light Carbontech Dytac M4 by Evolution Airsoft once again, click the “i” to watch the video the barrel nut is compatible, the buffer tube is compatible I also installed a Magpul ASAP the only thing I would have to modify is the handguard so it perfectly fits the receiver I didn’t want to do it just for the sake of this video I’ve kept the original hop-up because it’s a decent part I’ve also mounted sights without the screw here so I don’t damage Floris’ Virgo let’s see how it shoots I’m going to start with a 7.4V LiPo battery nice 11.1V now it is something! and I’m not using crazy-specs batteries those have a 25C discharge rate and 1300 & 1600 mAh if you plug powerful batteries you’ll get double shots in semi auto mode but we’ll be able to correct that later this is a 11.1V 2400 mAh battery see, double shot but you get an insane rate of fire VFC put a classic trigger contact, no micro switch here…That’s too bad, it could be even more reactive and the feeling is better as I said before, why not install a Crusader trigger as on regular Avalon guns? they claim that players want to customize their guns but players WILL replace this ugly classic trigger an adjustable trigger would be very nice default settings are : unlimited shots, 3-round burst, 3.2V LiPo alarm and trigger action between burst and full auto
is 0.4s we’re gonna review that but it is important to know that you MUST unplug the battery after your game otherwise the system will deplete it and a LiPo can be destroyed so, the first setting is the number of BB fired before the gun stops shooting from 1 to 299 or unlimited the lower button switches between modes, the upper button selects a mode I’m raising the capacity of my virtual magazine if you go over your aimed setting you’ve got to make a full round through 299 let’s say I chose this setting, after 48 rounds the gun will stop shooting you’ve got to unplug the battery and then plug it again to be able to shoot it is not very convenient I don’t see any use for this mode…See, the small dot at the right means we’re over 100 rounds and the dot in the middle that we’re over 200 after 299 we’re back to unlimited next, the burst setting rP means full auto only and then you can choose 2,3,4,5-round burst unfortunately we can’t set 1 round to block the gun in semi next, the LiPo discharge threshold alarm from 3.2 volts to 3.6 volts per cell and nH for NiMh batteries of oF if you want to disable the alarm the alarm wont prevent the gun from shooting but when the threshold is reached, there’s a beep each time you pull the trigger next, the delay between two trigger pulls to switch from burst to full auto the default is 0.4 seconds if you set 0, there’s no more full auto and you can go up to 1 second and finally here, the current volt data of your battery this is not 6.8 let me show you the manual there’s 7, 8, 9 then A for 10volts, b for 11, c for 12 and d for 13 volts so in this case my battery is 11.8V that’s it for the different settings let’s see how it shoots first I’ll remove the magazine semi ah, it shoots two rounds! to solve this I can attempt something unplug the battery then switch to semi, pull the trigger and plug the battery now I’ve got 5 seconds to pull 10 times the system learns and adapts now it only shoots 1 BB full auto is insane…As I said before, there’s a green sticker on the box so we should be below 300 FPS, let’s check this out in general red stickers mean 400 FPS and blue stickers mean 350 there’s a quick change system but you’ve got to strip the gearbox from the lower receiver to do so it would have been nice to have something faster as many other brands do now especially because there are 3 wires on the brushless motor but let’s say that everything can’t be perfect from
the start… I’m done with this review of the Virgo system thanks again to Floris for sending it to me I must say that I wouldn’t have bought this but I was curious to test it I already knew about the brushless system but given the act that I have no link and no contact with VFC they don’t send anything to me I already have problems buying spare parts for my GBBRs…Whatever, you can buy that and customize a nice M4, if you like M4s don’t ask me any questions about compatibility I don’t know I only tried with this Dytac gun and it’s perfect try things and let me know what is compatible I don’t own a shop, I don’t own every airsoft part since it exists I suppose that VFC will send products to big channels like Airsoftology and stuff I think VFC work with big channels AND videos have to be in English too so don’t hesitate to browse the Internet don’t hesitate to comment too follow me on Facebook for the news Instagram too and of course don’t forget to like the video or dislike see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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