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Airsoft – VFC/Umarex HK417 12″ Gas blowback rifle [ENG sub]

Airsoft – VFC/Umarex HK417 12″ Gas blowback rifle [ENG sub]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll unbox a replica It’s been at my place for ages yeah, I know, it’s a shame not showing this gun before I received it last August and it’s a gun that I touched for the first time in March 2014 when I went to the IWA in Nuremberg remember Hi, we’re on the Umarex booth huge booth as always, this is their home ! here is the HK417 from VFC, so distributed by Umarex because they’ve got the licence this is the GBBR version, at last ! we could see some “stolen” pictures but now it’s here at the IWA and I must say that it is beautiful and it strikes hard so, of course gas magazine as you can see hang on ! it judders a lot this is huge so far the strongest recoil I’ve felt on a GBBR not the quickest but the strongest the reason is quite simple I’ll try not to break it ! look at the size of this bolt carrier, it’s impressive well, it is made of alloy but it is nice of course you can activate the bolt catch through the magazine it’s been deactivated here so people can play with the gun all right, one more time because I’m really excited ! I love it ! I’ll jump on the occasion to tell you that Red Dot Magazine is coming back next March on paper this time so I’ll see you there with some nice reviews and papers every 3 months, starting March 2015 ! all right but shall we talk about the gun ? I bought this gun from airsofttiger111hk shop it took the parcel about a week to arrive I’ve already ordered 4-5 guns here, it is a serious shop but sometimes items are notified as “in stock” and are on backorder usually they send you an e-mail you’ve been drooling for 3 minutes seeing the box saying ” damn, when will he open it ?” this is the classic black cardboard box with HK markings from Umarex No compromise, well, let’s see if it’s true ! I was really excited by this gun but I had many things to do, so I’m late presenting it to you guys ! there was always something new coming through the Lair’s door ! the stamps are because they flipped the box inside out dunno why because there’s no licence matter here, Umarex is legit.

.. inside the box, there’s a users’ manual and the looong hex key to set the hop up like on their HK416 series next, a magazine what’s cool here is that you can throw everything on the floor ! I put some BBs inside this is a polymer magazine unlike the AEG magazine, there are no fake rounds but you’ll see in the review that there are solutions to this gas magazine of course, this is a GBB rifle so here’s the filling valve and here the strike valve this mag can hold up to 20 BBs but you can modify it to host 30 BBs, I’ll show you how in the complete review on the blog here you can see a small flap you can lock it so you’ll be able to dry fire the gun let me show you no BBs the bolt carrier is locked to the rear I press the catch, job done here is the huge mag catch operate it with your trigger finger inside the box everything is tightly held it’s heavy, even if there’s no gearbox yes, I’m having difficulties here ^^ and voilà ! the beast ! as you can see, this is the 12 inch model there are 3 models, 12″, 16″ and 20″ you can buy kits with barrel extensions and long rail from VFC almost 2 years ago I was reviewing the 20″ limited edition AEG you can read it on the blog the shooting tests were quite impressive for this kind of gun this 12″ version will suit any kind of games and if you want to play as a sniper you’ll adapt the long barrel kit I’ll do it for the review material quality is the same as on the AEG, usually VFC make really nice looking guns this is the E1 stock here 6 positions removable butt pad what I dislike about this stock is this convex butt pad it is not comfortable when you shoulder it, especially with a CIRAS but if you manage well, you should be able to find this one on the net it is a real deal part but it adapts perfectly on VFC stock now this should be better the HK417 is the big brother of the HK416 the HK416 being a 5.

56 rifle, here we’ve got 7.62×51 NATO as I said before you can find it in 3 lengths with G36-like polymer mags VFC chose to put the battle grip it is quite big but also ergonomic and you can put batteries or tools into it on real grips you’ll see a seal ring here, but nothing stops you to add it here VFC also chose to give MP5-like iron sights the rear sight is a 4-position ring both are removable I don’t like those I prefer flip ups which will look more like “French” HKs here are HK markings, and on the plastic-made dust cover you’ll see the airsoft calibre here of course the “RTFM” markings and on the right side, really nice markings too the serial number is unique Umarex has the licence and makes nice things with it as I flipped the gun, you could notice that the 3-position fire selector is ambidextrous safe, semi and full, yes, HK417 shoot in full auto ! as on the real gun, you won’t be able to operate the safety as long as the hammer isn’t cocked rack the gun, and now you can put the gun on safe the bolt carrier is also marked with HK logo the forward bolt assist doesn’t works you should be able to force the BC forward if it can’t chamber a round properly here there’s no mechanism to do it we can also notice the gas chamber setting, to fire the gun suppressed useless on our replicas but nicely done the floating rail system is similar to the HK416 but there are two screws to maintain it on the barrel nut of course I’m cheating, I unlocked them with a screwdriver now I can remove it look at the huge barrel nut ! and here the gas system, the gas block and the short stroke piston on the real gun it will strike the BC to the rear to reset the gun even if it doesn’t work here, I think it’s nice to reproduce it inside theres a barrel with a hop up unit the rubber is VSR-compatible no more AEG rubbers, which is a good thing on VFC gbbrs.

.. apparently there are minor fixes to apply so this gun shoots well this is quite consistent on VFC gbbrs… I’ll talk about it in the review I haven’t shot the gun yet so I can’t tell you if it’s nice maintenance is quite easy, remove the rear take down pin and break the gun pull the charging handle and remove the BC it is huge, as we discovered it at the IWA here the plastic nozzle it doesn’t fully get back in the BC the spring must be too long I don’t know why VFC chose to put long springs I’ll strip it soon it is lighter than I recalled, I’m a bit disappointed seems like cheap alloy, I hope there won’t be any failures you may notice as I do, this is quite dry they use warehouse grease as always, don’t hesitate to clean and grease the gun correctly I’ll spoil about the guts, but this is steel steel hammer, firing pin and so on no more weird zamac, let’s hope it’ll be sturdier there’s also a huge buffer because of the big BC we can see here the inner barrel, made of brass before leaving you I’ll shoot the gun not bad at all ! I’m done with the overview of this 12″ HK417 gbbr from VFC/Umarex I hope you liked it, if you want to know more, I’ll release the written review soon alongside with shooting tests by then, play seriously with fun see you soon in the Lair ! xoxo


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