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alright alright hey guys this is airsoft addict guy today I got my USMC kit took me about a year and a half to build this kit on not exactly understand but it’s what I could do with the money I had so let’s get started um start off with my head it’s a USMC lightweight helmet real steel basic setup with the reversible helmet cover the tan four-point chinstrap um certified helmet light reversible cover ESS goggles a helmet band rhino arm and my vision mount then on the back I’m running on a pad right here it’s basically a Kevlar pad that goes on the back so in case an ID or you take around from the back I’ll stop up to like a nine-millimeter or small shrapnel um for a uniform ice got some USMC frogs and desert market and put on some IR tabs one inch by one inch or 20 by 2 inch and then right now I got gloves I’m using our just USMC gloves the Frog ones throw out the sleeves watch I’m using a g-shock just a standard flat black one then for my rig I got a condor mm OPC I couldn’t exactly get a SPC because the cheapest one I could find was about $400 because they come with soft by or in place so he’s got the M OPC um I rigged on the groin Pro from the from the mtv and then lower right here I got mag shingles with six pmags admin pouch sport maps paperwork were in a knife got a source hydration pouch which is in my hydration carrier my right side I got a side plate and a knife AK which has all my first aid kit stuff in case I get shot but it’s airsoft so it’s just no zombies for realism on my left side I have two friends and one radio pouch radio I’m using as a PRC 152 not exactly what they use they have a 148 with the whip antenna but that’s all I can find for 20 bucks and then on the very back I have just your average of Mali hydration carrier with the source hydration on the inside and I got a flare pouch on the back right here then on the back have another dump pouch just for mags I don’t use throw it in there and I’m running a technical tailor and Molly doll and for my legs lower body um just running a your issue Belleville boots the desert ones on and some alternate bags and that’s basically it and one more thing I do button real plates on these so this is about like 60 pounds on me so it’s it’s pretty heavy a pull run and using the AC on bitches and baskets those about two three pounds since this thing is real still it’s almost like five pounds so the way is you just got to get used to it but it’s what I was for realism so yeah that’s basically it I’ll try to get more videos up just comment below and say whatever gear or whatever kind of video you want I’ll just make one so you have a rate comment and subscribe and see you guys later and go


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