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airsoft unboxing

airsoft unboxing

hey whats up guys we’re doing a unboxing from airsoft megastore and let’s get started first gotta sing use coupons the save five rough yeah i’m going to show you the code because i don’t know when you steal my code so you know it’s actually good because i’m gonna be ordering some more stuff for my airsoft loadout gotta see him kaplan and jamming rod that i’ll be shooting this i’ll be shooting this i’ll be keeping a total goldman ball thing ratchet magazine that’s full metal raptured 220 hi cap pretty good yeah was here so i got a BB in there I think we do have a BB in here okay sounds fascinating God so a junker babies as a parish we got in a little battery another little dumb wall charger oh this is actually a better wall charger than most of them some of them come off like oh that is really heavy I mean that thing is just really heavy almost like in my soul right definitely full metal definitely i’ll probably change on the only changing a stock on this case not a big fan of the stock got a rubberized hand grip got a little silent so that you can take off functioning charging handle got the mag release right here got another mag release right there actually ambidextrous firing modes which actually walk into place very well right here you press this slide it back let’s go hunt reduce one handle then slide it back like that it’s very big I don’t think that it would actually be this big and the silencer does come off I’ll be sure my guys how to take that off and just a second okay what are you gonna do to take off the silencer you’re just gonna grab it twist left and pull it up as little things they just end up put on them line them up what’s right but box out had to put the battery in I’m pretty sure these little plugs you just take them out button yeah I think I like it but I bought it because I really want to good ck begun so defa more like the side so you can switch I want a better CQB young cuz I mean I have a scar in the g36 those aren’t the best for cqb so I just went and bought me a mp5 now I got this off airsoft megastore you can buy them for around two hundred bucks about 180 now yeah about 1 89 or something like that it’s free shipping so how dry up and get them before they like you know get off the free shipping side whatever so yeah I’ll be charging the battery show y’all guys yeah pretty good gun I like it I mean it’s a lot bigger than I expect that I mean this thing like it’s pretty big so that will be it if y’all have any requests for guns I’ll see if they can send me on and I will do it so I can sort on me once again yeah how you take the battery out is the little plugs they come out take them out trying to get it up out there then it just pops out and this thing just slides up the battery in there yes yep that’s it for this review


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