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(Airsoft) Unboxing the VZ58M Ares

(Airsoft) Unboxing the VZ58M Ares

Thanks to them ! Hello YouTube and welcome to this new video ! Today I’m showing you a gun which has been generously sent to me by ARES This is the VZ58M, a variant of the VZ58 which was already in ARES catalog The classic VZ58 were guns I wanted to show on my channel but I never had the occasion The release of this new variant gives me the opportunity to show it to you Thanks a lot to ARES for this gun ; at the time I’m making this video the gun isn’t available for now I don’t really know what its price is going to be ; for the record the “classic” VZ58 cost around 250 USD I think this new model will be about the same price Let’s open the box now ; box which is very simple, since the gun isn’t available yet maybe this box isn’t the final version Inside I have the gun, the high cap magazine which comes with the gun and a cleaning rod There isn’t any booklet though, and I guess that’s because it wasn’t available at the time ARES sent me the gun Let’s take the gun out.

.. And here is the VZ58M from ARES As I said earlier it’s a new variant The main difference compared to the other models is that this variant comes equiped with accessories (which were already available separately) Mostly there is 2 differences : the M4 style stock tube and stock instead of the original folding VZ58 stock And instead of the original magwell which uses VZ58 magazines, we have this magwell which uses M4 magazines Those two elements were already available for the original VZ58 but you had to buy them separately So, where to begin.

.. Let’s talk about the real one a little bit At the end of the 50’s, varsovie pact, standardization of the weapons used by the countries of the varsovie pact Everybody is going to start to use Kalashnicov and 7.

62×39 ammunitions One exception : Czechoslovakia, which is going to use VZ58 instead of Kalashnicov rifles “58” in “VZ58” refers to the first year of service And unlike what you may think from a first look, the VZ58 isn’t a copy or a variant of the Kalashnicov rifles It’s totally another gun which has nothing in common with the AKM, except the ammunition used Even on a mechanical point of view they aren’t the same ; the VZ58 is gas operated with a short stroke piston You can even this here that the piston is more or less depicted on this airsoft model When you fire, some gas goes to the tube above the barrel, which pushes the piston, which itself pushes the bolt The empty cartridge is ejected, the trigger system is rearmed, the bolt catches a cartridge from the magazine and chambers it, etc One of the most distinctive trait of the VZ58 is the top cover ; on an AKM you have a port on the right side On the VZ58, it’s the whole top which opens It’s a bit difficult on modern variants to put an optic on it because of that since you can only put something on the rear portion And despite a similar look, the VZ58 uses its own magazines, AK magazines aren’t compatible with the gun In this case anyway, we have a model which uses M4 magazines Note it’s not an invention from ARES, there is real modern VZ58 which look like that and uses 5.

56 cartridges This rifle has been used by Czechoslovakia and after that by the Czech republic It has been used for a very long time, from 1958 to… 2010 I believe ; it has been replaced by the CZ 805 Bren One of the advantage of the CZ 805 being that if you change a few elements you can easily use 7.

62×39 cartridges A good point for the army which will be able to used the old 7.62×39 ammunitions stock before focusing on the 5.56×45 only This VZ58 from ARES uses the famous EFCS Gear Box from ARES (Electronic Firing Control System) This Gear Box is equiped with a mosfet, which has some of the typical advantages of a mosfet Protection from electrical arcs, better rate of fire and reactivity, acting breaking (the Gear Box does a full cycle every time you shoot a bbs) You can also, with a dedicated box (sold separately), program different shooting modes It allows you to choose between safe/semi auto/full auto ; safe/semi auto/3 rounds burst ; safe/3 rounds burst/full auto and safe/semi/semi As you can see the select fire lever doesn’t look at all like the one you’ll find on a AKM Oddly it’s on the right side, there is nothing on the left side It feels a bit like a M4, but with a different logic Here, if it was a M4 it would be on safe, but it’s on semi auto instead Here, it’s safe And here, full auto It feels a bit weird when you’re used to a M4, but I actually like this logic Because here, I’m in safe, which means that when I hold the gun, I can tell very easily with my finger that’s it’s safe In semi auto, I can actually shoot the gun and my finger is no longer bothered by the lever It feels normal to me to not feel anything when you can actually shoot the gun Might not be super intuitive if you’re used to a M4, but it feels logical to me nonetheless The ergonomy is a bit different compared to the original VZ58 regarding the magazines On an original VZ58, it’s a bit like a FN FAL with a lever on the left side With the magwell, you have a button on the right side instead The button feels just a bit too far away for my hand (which is small) I can still use it, but it would feel a bit more comfortable if it was just a bit closer Hicap magazines with its usual wheel, nothing unusual about it When you pull the charging handle you can use the hop up wheel adjustment You can hear the clicks when you turn it Can’t pull the bolt a lot, which isn’t realistic, but, well.

.. You get an adjustable rear sight, even if it’s not useful on an airsoft gun really The gun is full metal, the plastic parts are the parts which aren’t metal on the real one as well Note those two holes ; they allow you to put a rail if you want one Markings “Cal 5.

56×45″, which makes sense with the magazines used Amoeba stock Here we have the… Flash hider… Even if I’m not sure it’s an actual flash hider To unscrew it, you have to push this pin first The thread is 14 mm CW (and not CCW like most airsoft guns), which I find a bit annoying Be careful to choose the right thread if you want to put a silencer or something The gun comes with this ring on the front sling mount, which is nice, it’s rare you get one You also get a sling mount around the stock tube, on both sides So, how do you put the battery on this gun ? As far as I’m concerned it’s one of the problem of the gun, it’s annoying to do First, remove the upper part of the hand guard Then, you have to unscrew this big screw here Now you can remove the front set And then the lower part of the hand guard ; you can now see the wire and the mini tamiya connector It’s not easy to fit a battery since you really don’t get a lot of room I have this “butterfly” type of battery here, 11.

1V 1100 mAh It’s possible to fit this battery on this gun, even if it’s not super easy to do I’ll show you how it feels to shoot the gun though Semi auto Feels very nice to me Safe on this position Full auto Seems good to me ! Thanks to the acting breaking, the piston never gets stuck at mid course The battery system is especially annoying on this gun since you have a stock tube It makes sense on the original VZ58 since you get a very simple stock with no room whatsoever It would have been good to have this gun rear wired so we could use the room inside the stock tube to put a battery I wanted to show you something but I can’t find my tool to unscrew M4 stock tube.

.. Maybe I won’t need it though You can remove the whole top cover Here you have the rear of the Gear Box with a big screw attached to the spring guide The EFCS Gear Box comes with a quick spring change system, but you can’t easily access it The body of the gun goes in the way, you can’t remove the screw even if you put away the stock tube So you really have to pull out the whole Gear Box if you want to change the spring Another detail : I can really feel that the gun isn’t made to use this stock in the first place When I shoulder the gun and I try to use the sights, I really need to push my cheek against the tube in order to see through the sights It doesn’t feel really comfortable, and I guess it makes the use of facial protection really hard I don’t have the same problem with the original model (that I never owned but already tried) Here it is, I said everything I had to say about this VZ58M from ARES A “modernised” model compared to the older ones, which uses much more common M4 magazines A gun I think is really nice, because it’s original compared to the very common M4 and AK And also because it’s a good gun with the very nice EFCS Amoeba Gear Box, which feels very nice when you shoot the gun I find it just a bit sad that they didn’t, with this variant, choose to make it rear wired Here you have to put the battery inside the handguard, which is a bit hard to do and it requires an odd shaped battery Thanks for watching and see you next time for the shooting video !


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