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(Airsoft) Unboxing the new WE Beretta 92FS

(Airsoft) Unboxing the new WE Beretta 92FS

Hello YouTube and welcome to this new unboxing video ! This time, this is the new Beretta 92 from WE I bought the gun on UNCompany for 130 USD, I payed 40 USD for the port and luckily, I payed no custom taxe This new model is based on the M9A1 Tokyo Marui, which is a good news I made two videos of the M9A1 already, the “normal” Marui M9A1, black version, that I bought at its release Then I also bought the Samuraï Edge A1 Jill Valentine, a Bio Hazard variant of the M9A1 Tokyo Marui This WE model is a clone of this new M9A1 model, and unlike the older WE Beretta pistols This clone is based on this new version (nb : yeah I said that already) It’s a good news because I’d say that the older version are really out dated now compared to today’s standard The box is well protected, as usual with UNCompany, I never had any problem about this Here is the box, so as you might know already new WE Gbb come with this briefcase Well, ok.

.. I guess it looks nice even if I’m personally not a big fan I don’t think there is batteries sold with it, but the briefcase has some little lights for decoration purposes Here and there you have buttons you have to push on the sides And the briefcase opens like this It’s kind of classy, but I like briefcases to be low profil so you can carry the gun around without being notice In this case, well, it doesn’t work obviously.

.. Just need to unscrew this thing, then you liberate the gun So here is the gun, as you can see I took the inox version without rail But be aware that other versions exist, black w/ rail, black without rail, inox w/ rail and without rail I’ve been thinking, well, I already tried the Tokyo Marui black/with rail, so let’s take the opposite version So as said during the actual unboxing, this new model is not based on the old Marui 92F serie But on the new M9A1 version, which means that this new model gets nice upgrades compared to precedent WE models Now the ejection port is a bit wider, making it more realistic The safety lever also works as a decocker, which is also more realistic And, more important, now you have a “real” hop up unit, with a wheel in order to adjust the hop up Which is much more useful than the precedent system you found on older WE Beretta replicas A weird thing though : as you can see here the safety is off Now it’s on WE decided to put a half position on this lever that you can see here, you can even hear it This half position is actually a full auto switch Obviously, the real one is not supposed to shoot full auto I guess that WE’s logic is “well, let’s put a full auto mode, it’s another selling argument” People who want to shoot full auto will be able to shoot full auto I guess there is a logic here, but, well, when you buy a 92FS replica, do you want it to be able to shoot full auto ? Some people would say that if you don’t want to, you’re not forced to use it But the fact is that it’s here nonetheless, which can be annoying when you want to realistically handle your replica Actually, it looks like if the hammer is not armed, I can not put the safety.

.. ? I don’t want to force it… But it looks like if I do not decock the gun, it doesn’t work Oh wait, it works now, huh… Now I can’t put it on Here it works Here it doesn’t, ok, the gun has to be armed otherwise you can’t put the safety on Most of the time, guns I buy make me think about a particular weapon used by a fictionnal character (movies, TV shows, anime.

..) Maybe some of you will laugh about it, but it makes me think about the pistol used by Alain Chabat in “La Cité de la peur” He has a 92FS Inox in this movie… If you’re not French, or at least if you don’t speak French you probably don’t know this movie But, well, an inox 92FS makes me think about this, which is not the most tacticool thing ever I guess Just in order to look at the trigger system now.

.. The double action is long, it’s hard to tell when the shoot is actually going to happen, you feel no resistance Here is the trigger reset You can feel a resistance here, it shots once you pass it, it’s not bad actually Concerning the markings, well there is none, you have just a “WE” on the grip, otherwise it’s naked Note the chrome finish, which is much less mirror like than the Mark IV Series 70 we saw a few time ago It does get finger prints too though, I guess there isn’t much you can do against this Note the sights have white dots, which is a good thing Here is the magazine, it has the same finish I believe the gun can take Marui Magazines, I’ll need to check that The magazine falls very easily, it’s very smooth, actually you can hear it wobble inside the grip Note the WE marking on the magazine floorplate You can power stroke the gun without any kind of problem Here it is, I believe I said everything I had to say about this Just going to finish by saying that Ding Chavez made a review of this gun This review is both in French and English so everybody can understand it The link is in the description of this video, so don’t hesitate to check it, you’ll be able to get more informations about the gun Now I’ll test the gun for my next shooting video.

.. Voila, !


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