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(Airsoft) Unboxing the FNX-45 Cybergun/VFC

(Airsoft) Unboxing the FNX-45 Cybergun/VFC

Thanks to them ! Hello YouTube and welcome to a new unboxing video ! After a long wait, I’m finally doing my own videos about the FNX 45 Cybergun I’m not actually going to unbox this gun since I actually owned it for about 6 months now I already used it a bit so I have a little more things to say than usual The gun comes from Shoot Avenue, where you can buy it for 179 € (link is in the video description) Packaging is a bit light, you have a very small booklet, the gun, a magazine, another grip size and that’s it Note the plastic shell here, it’s squeaky and it doesn’t feel solid Let’s put the magazine, put this away for now.

.. And here it is, the FNX-45 Cybergun/VFC “/VFC” since it appears that VFC is the manufacturer of this gun, even if no official source confirms this information The FNX45 is a variant of the FNP45 from FNH, pistol conceived for the “joint combat pistol” program about 10 years ago The point of this program being to replace all the pistols used by the armed forces of the USA by a single one more modern Some guns have been known from this program, like the H&K HK45, the Beretta PX4 Storm, the FNP 45, etc Because of a lack of money, the program has been canceled but most guns from the program are available anyway The “FNX” pistols are variants of the “FNP” pistols, with little differences only In this case this is a FNX-45 “Tactical”, which is.

.. The tactical version of the FNX-45 The most obvious features of the tactical version being the threaded barrel and high sights (for silencer use) It’s a 16 mm + thread (CW) It appears that two batches of this gun exist, I believe the model I have comes from the 2nd batch Guns from the 2nd batch notably have a marking here, inside the slide : “licensed by FN Herstal” I cleaned the gun when I received it, I didn’t do it since them, it needs to be cleaned one more time.

.. There is also the fact that the ambidextrous slide stop was apparentely not reliable on the right side (for the 1st batch) No problem on my model The gun is quite big (the real FNX-45 carries 15 .45 ACP cartridges in the magazine !) This is why the GBB version carries such big magazines, which gives them a very nice gas autonomy The autonomy of the gun is actually quite impressive, since it’s possible to shoot like 5 charges of bbs with a single charge of gas Like most VFC guns the finish is very nice, you also get all the right markings (it’s a licensed gun) The slide is made of aluminium obviously, not stainless steel Very nice looking gun, full metal, you can power stroke it, no problem The safety is a bit odd though, as you can see when I put it on the red circle isn’t correctly covered (the safety works though) Like on a USP, when you push down the lever, it decocks the gun, putting it to the half cocked position Which is weird, since I believe that on the real FNX, the hammer is fully decocked I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe that the real one totally decocks the hammer Also, this lever is ambidextrous, but it’s hard to use since you hand is going to get in the way of the lever I need to change my grip then push down the lever It’s not a big issue since this is not something you’re supposed to do in a hurry, in general, so.

.. In double action, the trigger is awful, it’s hard to press and not smooth at all But then again, you’re going to shoot most time in single action so it’s not very important Note the part on the trigger, which limits the backslash (travel of the trigger after the gun has shot) Little problems only, since on a general point of view I really like this gun Note the magazine with its distinctive finish, the big magazine floorplate, giving the gun an original design Also note how the injection valve is just under the percussion valve Which is a detail I like, it makes the bottom looks more realistic and I believe it will get dirty less easily The magazine floor plate being a big piece I guess it’s going to resist a minimum too from shocks and stuff An interesting detail of the FNX 45 is the possibility to directly put a red dot on the gun Note the part here with the two screws, you can pull it off A detail to understand here is that there is no standard for now for this kind of mount (not like Picatinny for example) That’s why I bought a specific plate, and a red dot (a fake Trijicon RMR) The idea is that you put the plate on the gun, and then the dot on the plate I bought both products from Ebairsoft Here is what it looks like with the RMR on it In general I don’t like handguns with red dots, but in this case I do like it for some reason What I like about the RMR is that you can still use the iron sights I wish I could show you what it looks like with the red dot on, but actually the red dot I bought never worked However, I have to say that Ebairsoft has been very honest, since they give me my money back All I had to do what to make a little video showing that the red dot didn’t work, so thanks to Ebairsoft for that So for now, the red dot is only here for decorative purpose But the idea is that you can use the red dot instead of the sights, but you can also use the sights with co witness Question would be, is the autonomy as so good when you have the dot on ? After all it puts more weight on the slide, which means it will require more energy Well, I assume it does reduce the autonomy a bit, but since it’s very good in the first place it’s no big deal Something else I like about the red dot is that it gives you a grip you can use to pull the slide It’s not like the slide was hard to pull, especially on the airsoft version, but, well.

.. What else can I say… You can note the back of the grip, you can change it for a slimmer version if you want It’s meant for people with small hands, like me It’s a bit hard to remove, you have to use a thin tool in order to push a piece inside this little hole Push and slide it off (it’s hard for me to show it on camera) The piece locking the part is made of plastic, it doesn’t feel very solid You can put the smaller part if you want now It reduces slightly the diameter of the grip I have small hands myself and I don’t like it.

.. The edge is too straight, it’s not comfortable I like the normal grip better, and I don’t find it too big (it’s somewhere between a Beretta 92 and a Desert Eagle) The slide is easy to disassembly, just like most modern pistols Pull the slide and push the lock down at the right position Note here, I’m supposed to have a serial number on a little plate, but it’s gone now, I lost it someday Note the hop up wheel adjustement ; the gun uses standard hop up rubber and barrel Which is a good new, since I’m not that impressed by the performances of this gun (never been a fan of VFC hop up) Note the large nozzle Don’t forget to unscrew this part if you want to keep going The nozzle looks a bit like a cartridge, with the bullet and the brass here Maybe it’s one of the reason giving the gun a very nice autonomy, I don’t know really Another point about the FNX : this is one of those gun where the internal mechanism has to be cocked in order to shoot Here, there is gas, but nothing happens if I pull the trigger, I have to pull the slide first If I decock and shoot, it works If I dry shoot and then, I try to shoot, it doesn’t work Here it is, I said pretty much all I had to say, it’s a gun I like a lot actually A lot of people do not like Cybergun for various reasons I have to say that if Cybergun was only selling guns as good as this, I would have nothing negative to say about Cybergun products Nice finish, nice kick, very good autonomy, not so good performances but easy to upgrade Poor packaging but who cares, some issues here and there (safety, decocker.

..) but small details only Even the price isn’t so bad in my opinion ; 180 € makes it a very high end GBB, but it’s not that expensive compared to other pistols I like this gun a lot, it’s a very nice addition to the market I’ll make a shooting video about it obviously, you’ll see the performances, etc Don’t hesitate to look in the description for more informations, reviews and videos of other people See you next time for the shooting video and


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