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*Airsoft Unboxing* Socom Gear Barrett M107 GBB CO2 | Deutsch – English Subtitle


Hello my friends. Bruce here from the BB2k Airsoft Channel Today anouther unboxing for you ah my cat “Robert” is coming 🙂 and once again 🙂 Hello my name is Bruce, welcome to my channel Today i have a special unboxing for you. i wait 5 month for this. this big fat monster behind me. today i unbox for you the Socom Gear Barrett M107 Gas Blowback CO2 Sniperriffle. I’m very nervous! I did not hear much good about the M107. it is trash and behaves like a diva. but it is for me a MUST HAVE 🙂 Now the time is here. wish me luck. let’s start. the great time is now. i paid 1.700,- Euro a lot of money. But you can call me crazy! i open the box a case .. a big case OMG that is the case. feels stable what a monster. should I open it for you? or do i finish now my unboxing? i open the case! yes i open the case. I turn it around. so you can better see. Are you ready??? Ahh “Gummibärchen” the bill the CO2 shells in caliber 50BMG for the 8mm BBs. original Socom Gear Barrett M107 “Gummibärchen” a little manual. more Socom Gear “Gummibärchen” the big magazine made of steel. the upper receiver made of steel. very heavy. Flipup Sight next the lower receiver so far …. I am thrilled. I have a high pulse the lower with markings super lets go on. here the big bolt the bolt has a special system. i show you this in my coming review. really heavy the handle the handle is made of steel the bipod Bipod with spikes. Thats the difference to the M82A1 Version vom Socom Gear. LOL another Socom Gear “Gummibär” this must be the pins that is the CO2 Charger for the shells. the pins for fixing the bipod, the upper and lower.So! This was my unboxing! or do you want to see the complete Barrett? So wait a moment please. I do it for you ( and me) 🙂 the assembly is completed. I give you a close up of the M107. thats the M107. The same like the AEG Version with one important difference…. hear and see it. again a little closer I’m totally excited I have not unpacked the cartridge. I want to show you this in my review.First videos in the internet shows: The M107 severely damaged the shells very fast. i save this test for the review. Be patient ( i am). you realize. I’m out of breath 🙂 that a heavy monster. i finish my Colt SAA review and then I do the review of the M107. i hope you have fun. Please have a little patience OMG I have to do it again i come closer. once again. and then I say goodbye .


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