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(Airsoft) UMP.45 VFC/Umarex – KhanSeb

(Airsoft) UMP.45 VFC/Umarex – KhanSeb

Replica of the UMP.45 by VFC (Gbb version) Like the real one, this replica has a 2 rounds burst function Low mag capacity (24 bbs), despite its size The magazine is full, yet the bolt blocked to the rear : recurring problem on my model.

.. Let’s try again… Better, but you can feel that the gun starts to suffer from cool down … Biggest problem of the gun in my opinion Another bolt catch issue… I let the gun and the magazines heat up a bit while I put away the rails.

.. … But that wasn’t good enough : the bolt and the magazines are cold, cool down is here and it won’t get away Here, the bolt doesn’t go backward enough to chamber the bbs It’s painful to hear… Let’s try a magazine dump in full auto (note the bolt catch issue, and the kick, quite strong) With the silencer now.

.. But the gun is still too cold 305 fps (original spring, Ultrair, 0.20 Tanio Koba) Sights of the gun, you can choose between two rear sights The kick is really nice Distinctive stock of the UMP that you can fold on the right side Sling mount Safety, semi auto, 2 rounds burst and full auto (ambidextrous lever) ; note the markings The 24 bbs magazine, quite light compared to its size Fits strongly in the gun, no wobble The version I bought only comes with a top rail (and no hand guard rails) Markings on the bolt, they look really nice You can block the charging handle like you would with a MP5, but unlike the MP5, the UMP also has a bolt catch This silencer comes with this version, it’s easy and fast to fit on the gun Note it’s only here for the look Thanks for watching ! You can find more informations in the video description


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