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Airsoft – Umarex/VFC H&K VP9 [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Umarex/VFC H&K VP9 [ENG sub]

Hi everyone welcome to the Lair today I’ll show you another BB gun The H&K VP9 by Umarex/VFC Umarex has been working with VFC for a long time this gun was released in 2016 it can be bought only from a few shops and is quite expensive let’s check what’s inside this nice box a users’ manual, written in English, German, French and Spanish it shows you the “shoot up setting” what the hell is a shoot up system ?:) then there’s a small pouch containing extra grip panels and back-straps the VP9 is a modern pistol so it is very shooter-friendly you can set the grip accordingly to the size of your hands and here is the bb gun, in its sachet it’s heavy ! Let’s check this out! the H&K VP9 was released in 2014 after four years of development it is an upgraded version of the HK P30 there’s also a VP40, meaning .

40 calibre Umarex went for the 9mm model in 2016 H&K released two other versions an FDE frame and a “tactical” model with a threaded barrel as you can see this is a gas-operated gun this is a very nice magazine look at the real calibre here the magazine can contain up to 23 BBs Umarex have selected a magazine with the strike valve and the filling valve way apart on some VFC-made guns, you can find the two valves at the same spot this is a really nice gun it is not a compact gun but.

.. it feels compact it looks really modern there’s a polymer frame an aluminium slide the finish of the gun is gorgeous notice the markings under the trigger guard and here a metal plaque with the unique serial number and a Picatinny rail, so you can mount any compatible accessory the butt is really nice too VP markings on the left side only look at these markings, nice and crisp! this is the slide lock and here’s the slide catch it is ambidextrous oh ! it works! let’s try with a magazine inserted when the mag is in, the right slide catch gets stuck there’s a tiny thing here the slide stop goes over and then you can’t operate it I have to use my fingernail to move the slide stop above the small piece of frame here I go now it works but as soon as I rack the gun the slide catch goes over the small bump but the left part works fine it is not the first time I’ve had problems with VFC ambidextrous slide catch I had a M&P9, the right side didn’t work I have an FNX-45 and at first it didn’t work it’s too bad they didn’t see that during the testing process (if there’s any.

..) when the mag is not inserted it doesn’t have any problem except if you operate the right side slide catch, you’ll travel over the frame thing it is definitely something to improve on this gun that’s too bad because look at these markings, the gun is amazing there are serrations at the front of the slide so you can do a press check (useless in airsoft but though.

..) serrations also at the rear and here on each side, what H&K calls the “charging support” this is a patented system, made to improve the cocking of the gun well, I’ve seen that before on the FNH 5-7.

.. this is a striker pistol so there’s no hammer but there is a loading indicator with a small red dot if I shoot, the part goes forward and I can’t see the red dot any more when I cock the gun, I can see the red dot again it reminds me of the Walther P99 three-dot combat sights aiming is fast and easy there’s no safety lever but a system is embedded to the trigger just as what you have on Glock pistols if I don’t pull the central part, I can’t shoot I can’t stop saying how good it looks! the magazine catch is similar to many other H&H guns it is ambidextrous push it downwards and the magazine falls the trigger feels good, there’s a small slack you really feel the wall and there it goes it kicks like a mule ! trigger reset is very smooth the kick is really strong! of course not similar to a real gun but still.

.. the temperature is 20°C so there’s not much cool down but the mag is frozen let’s hope this BB gun won’t suffer from cool down VFC improved but they still have progress to do when it comes to gas guns I was lucky enough to get a SCAR-H GBBR from Cybergun which you’ll see soon in the Lair and it really is efficient even under low temperatures but I’ll test the gun during the shooting tests and I’ll implement them to the written review to be published on the blog let’s see how to adjust the grip there are three sets of parts small, medium and large there are small letters on the parts and there are “left” and “right” markings too remove the small pin here slide the backstrap downwards and the side panels to the rear there are notches so you can’t make any mistakes don’t hesitate to push firmly I installed the small grip the medium size is installed by default and the large one will be perfect if you’ve got big hands I don’t know if you can see the difference here I really like it I’ve got small hands it feels very nice don’t forget to put the pin back because it acts as a lanyard attachment you know I like that, it prevents losing your beloved gun on the field ! to strip the gun, rotate the slide lock downwards once you’ve reached the correct position remove the slide now you can access the inner parts the picture is burnt but I wanted to show that small hexagonal screw to you I wonder if it is used to adjust the trigger travel or not I’ll tell you more in the written review to be published on the blog lubrication is good but as usual, I’d recommend a nice cleaning and lubrication of your own here you can access the hop-up adjustment wheel similar to Marui guns now remove the spring guide, the recoil spring is attached to it and then you can remove the outer barrel it is heavy here you can see the small spring system which was already used on the FNX-45 it links the outer barrel to the hop-up unit funny, it smells like a real gun I wonder if.

.. wait a minute Is it made of steel? nope, it is aluminium (and threaded) the markings are really nice look at the size of the cylinder! no wonder it kicks like a mule it may consume a bit more gas as usual and be sensitive to cool down I’ll check this when I do the shooting tests I hadn’t noticed before the extractor is a separate part with a red notch on the real gun if you see red, it means there’s a cartridge inside the chamber is feels really massive and durable I’m close to buying one for myself ! let’s but it back together once again VFC did a good job with the external I’ll check if the performances are as good as the looks of the gun it reminds me of the excellent finish of the FNX-45, but even better! I’m a bit cautious because my past experiences with VFC-made GBBs have not been fully positive recoil and finish are awesome we’ll see if it shoots straight! it it were my gun I think the first thing I’d do is remove this small piece of frame so the slide stop doesn’t get stuck any more thanks for watching this video if you’ve liked it, thumbs up if you haven’t, thumbs down whether you own this replica or not, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below and if you don’t want to miss a video, subscribe and activate the notifications or follow me on Facebook if you’re fed up with receiving too many e-mails! I’ll go and try the gun see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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