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Airsoft TTT | Trust Me | Canadian Sniper

Airsoft TTT | Trust Me | Canadian Sniper

kick you’re good you okay +4 let’s stay together Dennis I’m low I’m coming in for the trust time Dennett Julian come on in let’s see those cards yes your seat we’re gonna do sure you got a second to run out of the okay I killed you Lynn hello everybody and welcome to another TTT video in this video we incorporate a little bit inspiration from other youtubers we’re now using cards to select RT as well as our detective and we’ve also incorporated the trust hop everybody cornered the map the game starts a 30 second testing okay I’m going to need some bb’s in there how’s it going man let’s see it what is it well test it out that’s so that’s a dangerous weapon my friend no no okay hello my friends hello but don’t point that at me like that the pins of the pins are still in hey if pins are still in pins are still in okay okay that is right there anyway they go in the oh hey I’m fiddling dude you don’t want to point weapons here dude I’m going in the jackpot oh my god we need one more there we go try to figure out how these things work did I just drop them right there yeah yeah [ __ ] are you going to write your fault there’s two of them I didn’t even see that today should I not shoot him hey Bradley I’m pretty sure I shot him okay oh sorry oh sorry oh so forth so forth bang you didn’t shoot anything so Flo we’re on the same team you know I think that’s everyone up next I picked the detective card my job is to help the citizens find out who the terrorists were and help them eliminate them during the trip they all should trust them after coming out can I trust out with you guys YouTube YouTube okay you two are my guards let’s get a weapon come on there’s a pistol right here there’s a pistol right here great right there there’s a pistol yeah I need a real gun oh my god guys Elliot’s being suspicious Kelly’s being suspicious get in the truck sighs I get it no gun but watch me I’m sure you take one of these this is it I get it I’m gonna search point a gun at both of them keep one on each I’m going to search Elliot Elliot put down the gun a little bit please put down the gun guys coming from the bar down the gun put it down other pocket man other pocket another pocket I think I can trust him Austin okay yeah yeah I think so people walking in okay no research Laura Laura under still in April Julian I feel I got it I can feel the beating yeah feel like she’s okay that guy’s [ __ ] okay dude get over here go do it in a dump pouch if you wanna take a look at los campos don’t talk to the card it’s a card Oh hold it carry on yeah we do we check Michael well I do trust her Oh what was he like one of the tears Julian okay so who’s left out of this group we got so Flo and we got ya I searched I saw his card actually we got the anime character I only had a think he suspicious ring have that fun okay guys let’s move move all terrorists with it let’s move up a bit here yeah I totally came up behind the velocity okay I’m going to search you okay you’re a little forceful where do you where do you keep your card so close behind hot so close we had not where do you keep your card you’re not in this okay is that both the terrorists yeah I was both oh my god all of them guys we won we did it there you go guys that last run was like the most Canadian thing I didn’t even have to shoot a shot and we won the game I hope you guys enjoyed and I tried to keep in longer videos cuz you guys seem to like the longer gameplays of things so I hope you guys enjoyed that and if you want to see more like on the little red box down below and you can see one of my last videos otherwise subscribe and you can see the ones coming up I hope to you guys on the next one and as always I still don’t have an outro so talk to you later have I been killed yet


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