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AIRSOFT TTT – I can trust you right?

AIRSOFT TTT – I can trust you right?

today we are at Hollywood Sports Park with the guys from Viacom over here we got Matt we have George we got Roger and we have Lauren they’re going to be playing with us today and we are going to be recreating our favorite Garry’s Mod game which is trouble in terrorist town we’re doing that in real life today for those of you who don’t know how this game works basically we will all be on the same team except for two mysterious traders we will have secret cards that we pass out those two traders want to murder everybody everybody else wants to try to find out who they are and stop them exactly it’s just like the game everyone’s gonna start off with a gas blowback handgun but there are weapons scattered throughout the map that anyone can pick up if they so choose to so I got a combat Center all to ourselves to play this game so big things to Hollywood Sports Park we’re hooking it up we play here pretty offensive you guys haven’t play us off you should swing on by on some weekend and there’s about a 50/50 chance that you’ll see us here you can probably shoot us and make us cry 50 50 cents you’ll see us for 0% chance to shoot us alright I’m gonna be the ref this first round so I pass out all the cards all you guys take a good look at your card make sure you know what it is if you are a black card then that means you are an innocent if you are have if you get a red card then that means you are a traitor and if you get the Joker which is neither of those colors then that means you are the detective everyone put your right hand out like this okay everyone close your eyes all right all eyes closed I got a I’m watching you guys all right traitors put your thumb up and then open your eyes wherever the traitors are for your thumbs up and open your eyes and look at each other make sure you know who it is all right put your thumbs down traitors everyone close your eyes okay on the count of three everyone open your eyes one two three all right this just got real okay yeah we’re gonna split everyone into opposite corners of the map then the match starts innocence you’re allowed to shoot innocents correct you get punished if you do what is your punishment here spring got in the next game okay got it I guess you could say I said I’m still terrorist but I am NOT a traitor and that’s important you do with me that means if two of us are traitors at least one innocent can fight back Oh what if you’re the traitor I’m not the traitor how do I know that I’m the detective I’m don’t don’t shoot me we get penalized for shooting an innocent just out of suspicion am i right that is correct Matt all right you guys all ready I guess I won’t just start popping people then game on go we’re going game on game on game on you three are you dude you haven’t shot me yet I’m not shooting you yet let’s group up I think I can trust you all right all right I don’t trust you Nico I’m guessing you’re an innocent I sincerely hope so otherwise both of us really gonna end up shooting each other definitely oh dude come here come here come here come here I’m just making sure I have eyes on everybody that’s all no finger on the trigger see I’m not gonna shoot you Nico are you the detective because we got Lorne over that we’re sticking in this man shake my hand oh Oh sans the traitor sanz’s traitor sans a traitor look all right I’m down was that I didn’t see anything I didn’t say that bullshitting what is Sam one is Sam I knew it it is Sam it is Sam remember the very first thing be sitting the card here he’s gonna shoot Sam first because Sam always access vicious even if he’s market 800 turns out QP should be shots and face vision they’re in the back let’s move left move left hunker down head take behind the container what hey dick thanks near his body Jake you slimy bastard all right that’s good yeah traders win traders would everybody look at their card really quick tuck it away okay everybody group to the center stick your hand out everybody close your eyes look down okay whoever the traders are put your thumbs up put your thumbs down or look at each other put your thumbs down open your eyes all right everybody go to a corner game will start in 30 seconds yo Nikko I could trust you right yeah totally yeah yeah I don’t think I can how are we supposed to determine who a traitor is anyway Nikko knows he’s a traitor you look at that are you wait your turn I’m not a traitor your head missiles away pistols away missiles away with Reaper put your pistols doing now Walter go to the traitor ulterior gun I have my gun holster put in the bag one go hey I will show Sam Sam hey I’m watching me I get good before you’re gonna so get down here I can’t trust these sandwich no ID you’re gonna go down down down down bolstered full skirt full skirt I dropped my gun I’m picking it up hey I know I bet he wanted three Oh Bob you shopping enough Koster Lauren what are you I’m good I did not have gas take a turn Jake are you and Tonto Jake are your timezone what’s up there so I think it’s Jake and Nico it’s Jake and Nico sneak on the other guy Jake and need no are the traders knee goes down knee goes down Jake isn’t leaning over man I’m coming in come on get out of the way Roger yeah I need you to go inspect Nikko make sure he’s a terrorist that’s it game over I’m honored you I know you you reckon sushi oh do they vote all right oh man that is game I’m weird way my god I am I could have killed you I could have kill you I picked only dude by Feli


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