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Airsoft Tracer Unit & Silencer from AceTech. The PredatorL. Reviewed by


Hello and welcome to Today I will be taking a closer look at this: The Predator L From Acetech. The Predator L From Acetech is a: Silencer and a Tracer Unit It is a standard silencer, a very long on. From Acetech with the… AT2000 Tracer unit inside as well. let me show you… The silencer has 2 threaded ends. One end is clockwise, the other is counter clockwise. So it should fit almost any gun. Unscrew the end There is some foam For sound damping the BB when it comes through… In the other side as well foam rings In total we have: This much foam inside that makes the airsoft silencer working and then you can push out The: Acetech AT2000 Tracer unit… you put in the batteries It has some very clear indicators showing you how the batteries should be oriented… A very nice and simple module Springs in both ends of each battery row, to hold them in place. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ They seam to be stuck in there very well, so I don’t …..expect them to come loose any time soon ๐Ÿ™‚ And that is pretty much it. In the end there is a power button to turn it on and off And if you leave it onn…. … and forget to turn it off … … then after a while it will turn it self off … … to make sure you don’t waist your batteries. So pretty simple. And when it is turned on: you just put it back into the silencer housing … very simple It say it has detectors in both ends…. … so it don’t matter what way you turn it. Put it in Put foam in turn it onn put foam in the other end Now it’s ready to put on your gun and start shooting tracer BB’s.Now ofcause, let’s try it out and see how well it lights up the BB’s For today’s test I will be using my M4 with the: ATS, Aimtop Glow in the dark BB’s And ofcause as i just told you about: The Predator L, Tracer unit, from Acetech. And as you can see, it lights up the BB’s Very very Well. Let’s doo a full auto burst Very Nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ So now that I have been shooting using the tracer unit from Acetech. What is my final thoughts then? As a tracer unit this functions: Very Well ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a very well made product. It does what it’s supposed to, lights up the BB’s. Makes them very bright so no complaints there every thing is Okay, just as it should be. As a supressor I must say: It’s acturaly pretty okay. When you take this thing is like: This much is foam, And this much is tracer unit so theres not allot of sound dampening material in there but it acturaly does reduse the sound
quite a bit. Just like with any other kind of airsoft supressor: Supressors of arisoft guns is…… they are NOT as efficient as you would think. Supressors is general does lower… … the noize that comes from the muzzle … … but because AEG’s makes allot of noize … … in the gearbox as well … … noise levels will still be very noticable. But is does reduse the noise some ammount. comepared to a supressor that is fully supressive with foam material all the way through this does not supress it as much. But is acturaly does a vert good job … … supressing the noice … … while having the tracor capability as well. So the Predator L, is for me: Something that I very much appreciate. And I am 100% sure this is a tracer unit I am going to be using. I personaly don’t have experiance with all kinds of tracer unit’s so there may be supressors/tracers out there that are better. but in my oppinion this is a very well made supressor/tracer unit Feels good, nice, solid alluminium, alluminium end cap’s, one end is clock wise the other end is counter clockwise so it will fit any gun what’s not to like? and the tracer unit part inside It’s just a very nice unit.Small button push to turn on and off very simple some supressive capability and this is the AT2000 module with the Predator L supressor and tracer unit All in all a very nice set And it put a Big smile on my face shooting with it. Thank you for watching: AirsoftTech.Dk Reviews .


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