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What’s up guys? These are the most painful moments I captured on camera. Every video has a number in the lower left corner. Let me know which one you think was the most painful. Don’t check the right corner and get punished by getting shot on my funny bone. hit (grunting noises) (laughter) (grunting noises again) (yelling in pain) AHHA AHHHAA The BB got stuck in the enemy’s here He’s hit the fetcher So we got him free shot one more behind that big rock good shot. Good shot. Oh oh Wow It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay. Oh ah grunting noises explosions Okay all right, i excelent Let’s end this Yeah, thanks, Bobby, and you want to have another So the last move we did you try to rush this corner and I fell I? Think over the stump like Love it’s ripped CLEAR SHOT My hands are fucking broken my arm too Hope you guys enjoyed this compilation. Let me know which one looked a most painful in the comments below This is novritsch I see you guys next Thursday .


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