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Airsoft | Tokyo Marui KSG Gaz Shotgun | Review on Battlefield

Airsoft | Tokyo Marui KSG Gaz Shotgun | Review on Battlefield

Hi everybody ! Today I’m going to talk you about a replica I bought from the WildTriggerShop site. And this is the KSG from Tokyo Marui. This replica, it has me … Eh ! Can I play with it? What ? Calm ! Cool ! You give it to me ? It’s not a loan, it’s a purchase ! Friendly ! Can I take it apart ? This is my KSG ! Ok ! You want it ? You want it ? I like this better.

This is “my” KSG ! So ! Something that I thought fit to show you: what you need to know is that this replica there is not a loan, it is a purchase. And it is a purchase in a shop that is fairly recent.

As a result, people who buy are entitled to ask questions. Recent shop, no feedback. How does it work ? How do I get the packages ? How are they sent ? I just add this little video to show you how I got the KSG.

There is bubble wrap, warranty tape and black plastic film. It is rather well packed in the end for something that comes only from France. The path is not long but we all know the french Post and its problems .

.. And that is saying little. So it was just to show you very quickly, because it is not the purpose of the video, that the package is well protected. So this is KSG Marui equipped with taste ! One finds under the Butt Plate the location for the Gas Tank, the sling strap fastener.

The KSG markings, the handle, the selector. We have a picatinny top rail with Flip Sight front and rear. We have a rail under the pump to put some accessories and the front strap fastener. On the other side, not much to say, there are markings.

Under the top cover, above the handle, we find the 3-6 bbs selector. But good, I do not find the mode “6 bbs” very useful in airsoft game. To remove the Butt Plate, press the upper part and pull it a little.

We have space to put a nail. It is simple and it allows to remove it very easily. Here we find the lever to eject the Gas Tank. To insert the shell, you either do it this way, which I do not really find practical.

Otherwise, you use it like this: you lean it from the cartridge slot (on the right) and you insert it slantingly with your thumb. It is thus removed with the thumb. It does not fall. And it is skewed with the thumb.

We start again. We take it out. It’s simple. We insert it. Just as simple. Now all you have to do is play with it ! First note, after 5 minutes of play : put the Tank Gas, it is good. Putting the shell with the bbs is even better ! Fortunately, the KSG does not make too much noise.

But in these cases, we find ourselves a bit stupid. About the noise, This KSG does not actually make too much noise when firing. On the other hand, the sound produced by the pump is nevertheless quite sympathetic.

The replica is a bit heavy for an airsoft Shotgun. It remains fairly well balanced and easy to use. It is quite precise, although I do not know whether the 3 BBs hit the same place. But I really enjoy using it and activating the pomp mechanism.

As for the CQB battlefield, I do not know if it’s my way of playing or if it’s because of the replica, but you tend to go into direct contact. Conversely, when we find ourselves in the forest with a Shotgun, as we do not have a similar range to that of an AEG, and as it was 3 degrees that day, what do we do in this type of battlefield ? Well we run into direct contact.

So whatever the type of terrain, with this replica, you run into the heap. I personally have two Gas Tanks. I only used one this day. I also have four shells that I have used all. I did not necessarily return to the neutral zone.

I advise you to have on you a BB Loader. This can still be used and the shells are easy to recharge in game. In conclusion, the Tokyo Marui KSG is “fun” to play, and aesthetically original. It is a playable replica, notably thanks to a Gaz Tank allowing an impressive number of shooting, as well as a reloading which, once one has the technique, is not so complicated as I have shown.

And for those who would continue to doubt, know that it can be HPA-ised and we can install a kit that makes it compatible with M4 type chargers.


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