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Airsoft – Tokyo Marui Glock 19 GEN3 [ENG sub]


Well, now I have to copy what others do to make more views! Today I’m going to talk about the new Glock 19 by Tokyo Marui I bought this replica at Impulse101 it is 15200 Yen excluding shipping and tax it is already the 88th GBB gun from Marui! and once gain they’ve made a nice box with a picture of the replica as well as the real gun specifications same classy look inside the box there’s a polystyrene shell inside the lid to retain the gun and its magazine the users’ manual is stuck between the lid and the shell as I’ve ordered a second magazine, Julien put the package with it the manual here, once again featuring the real gun data the magazine here still packed inside its plastic sachet those are 22BB gas magazines we can see real calibre and capacity markings along with Glock markings Marui markings on the mag plate the filling valve and you can notice that Marui switched from a screw-maintained lower part to a pin-maintained part some people have already complained because pins can lead to gas leaks I don’t know if Marui plan on releasing GEN4 Glocks but there are two notches on the magazines one on each side and on GEN4 Glocks you can switch the mag release side extra magazines cost 2800Y then there’s a box containing small accessories real gun specs for the third time now…There are two dry-fire parts a sachet of 100 BBs the safety tip and that’s it! where’s the cleaning rod now? here it is! it has not been forgotten it’s a classy design, I know that we don’t play with the box but it is always nice to get a pretty designed packaging now here’s the gun quite heavy for a compact gun well, I’m not surprised, this is not “heavy weight” plastic This compact Glock was released back in 1988 to equip different law enforcement and military units the GEN3 was released in 1998 the GEN4 in 2010 and 2017 saw the GEN5 as well as the Glock 19X a G19 slide mounted on a G17 frame to allow the use of Glock17 mags without mag-well extension this weapon is used by many law enforcement and military units as well as civilian shooters as I told you, it is a GEN3, it made some people rant about that, they expected a GEN4 well, I can’t tell you why they haven’t released a GEN4 but if that is your dream aim for VFC or WE GEN4s ^^ here are its dimensions and unlike the “world-famous” Glock17, which doesn’t respect the real gun dimensions this G19 does respect the real dimensions some people asked if they could use their weapon’s holster
as far as I know, G19s have always had the correct dimensions people worry because most G17, which are copies of the Marui, don’t fit their holsters but the 19 was not copied from Marui’s 17, so there’s no issue here if you need a properly-sized Glock 17, aim for KSC/KWA if you can still find some or Cybergun/Inokatsu 250€-Glock this replica is composed of almost 100% of plastic a plastic-made frame of course but also the slide because of Japanese regulations regarding airsoft but this is not some low-grade plastic and the details are crisp a chequered back-strap, including a lanyard spot grooves at the front to match your fingers Tokyo Marui markings here, that’s mandatory a classic trigger guard the Picatinny front rail and the serial number plate keeps the same feature as the G17’s it acts as a safety when pushed to the rear I can’t shoot back to the front, now it’s unlocked they’ve made a good job on the frame as well as on the slide this is the same compact plastic and grainy texture we discovered with the Glock22 and as usual, crisp markings a 9x19mm Glock here serrations here a metal-made slide catch which works well once the mag is empty you end up like this feed a fresh mag and release the slide! if I remember well, the small Glock logo on the slide means it is a US-production the serial number here on the slide and the outer barrel proof marks, calibre and once again the logo on the plastic outer barrel and for the first time, the extractor is not part of the slide, it is a separate aluminium piece the sights Glock classics! White dot at the front white U at the rear aim and shoot! they’re made of plastic, I hope the rear sight is sturdier than G17 ones I’ve had multiple G17s and each time the rear sight broke in half, even using weak gas…So I had to replace them what’s nice is that we are now able to adjust the hop-up from here without having to strip the slide from the frame it is more and more the case on Marui guns simply use your fingernail or a tool to rotate the adjusting wheel the safe-action system is of course functional if I don’t pull the centre part of the trigger, I can’t shoot let’s feel the recoil… I filled the magazine with Abbey 144a gas very nice the trigger has quite a long travel to reach the wall but the wall is clearly there we feel it then it breaks the reset is short enough there’s more recoil than on the old G17 simply because they didn’t keep the old inner parts
they’ve used the new 15mm cylinder but before stripping the gun let’s have a look at the chronograph results as the barrel is very short, the gun does not develop high FPS I also tested with Ultrair gas, you get 30 FPS more than with the advised gas and it kicks like a mule the magazine is cold but I haven’t had any nasty cool-down effect thanks to the plastic and the 15mm cylinder you could be tempted to use propane with this Glock19 well, it is not advised so if you do Tokyo Marui recommend 134a, 144a, duster gas or low-pressure gas don’t come ranting if something breaks…I’m going to strip the gun now some classic parts here the hammer bearing… the gun is lubricated notice the reinforced magazine catch as it was already the case on the G22 now remove the recoil spring and spring-guide it is a new design and there’s a small lug to insert inside the hop-up unit remove the outer barrel, including the inner barrel and hop-up assembly notice the adjusting system the hop-up unit slides into the outer barrel I’m going to strip everything for the complete review on my website we’ll also see the barrel dimensions and so on a metal-made part locks the slide catch to prevent the plastic slide from being damaged and here is the 15mm cylinder you’ll see everything in the full review now I can put it back together insert the guide’s end into the hop-up unit and voilà well, I’m happy that Marui released this G19 but many of us already have a G19 from another brand can we use our magazines? don’t use CO² magazines but here is a VFC mag it is fully compatible WE mags are also compatible, as well as KJW mags and of course we can use our G17 magazines with this G19! it looks a bit weird though that’s a G22 magazine here the recoil is not good but only because I’ve installed a STRATOS BBU and the gas route is different here is a WE mag and a Marui mag if you don’t want to see this gap at the bottom Guarder sell a mag-well extension for 12€ you’ll get a “Glock19X” look it is attached to the stock but you can’t use G19 magazines any more.I’ve tried using this, and it doesn’t work well it looks good but the magazine doesn’t lock so if you’ve got those at home you’ll have to grind them a bit but it is good news to see this Glock is compatible with most magazines here’s how it looks with a small flashlight of course there are shorter models that will fit the barrel length that’s it for this quick overview of Marui’s
GEN3 Glock 19 many of you were waiting for this gun, many of you have already bought it so tell me what your thoughts are are you happy with it? have you changed parts already? well, I wouldn’t change anything right out of the box it shoots straight, it shoots far but you’ve got to be a Glock fan many players can’t stand the look of a Glock and prefer 1911s for instance but let’s be honest, most new players go for M4/Glock combos I hope you liked this video don’t forget to show your support thanks again to Impulse101 for their reactivity this Glock was the first one to leave their shop but the time taken by “La poste” to process the parcel was so long that you’ve probably already watched other videos you can follow the Lair’s news on Facebook pictures on Instagram and of course my website all the links are in the video description if you go in-game newt weekend, don’t forget : play seriously without taking yourself too seriously see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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