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Airsoft Tips For Beginners / A Quick Loadout

Airsoft Tips For Beginners / A Quick Loadout

hey everybody so I’m here to show you how to play airsoft basically anyways so first off what you need is your eye protection I use a nice set of goggles over my sunglasses because I think it looks pretty cool and you can just pull it right over I ripped off the top foam so that the goggles don’t follow up on line but that’s completely optional um what you need are gloves because knuckle hits and definitely like the worst places to get hit on the neck to so I opted to use a scarf which I found over at Hot Topic it covers my neck quite nicely and it’s pretty thick so um I have a dump pouch where I can store my magazines instead of his dropping on them on the floor and yeah the guns I use a JG 416 it’s basically an m16 / m4 i use grips um and the stock is basically like an m16 as opposed to the m4 stock uh which i really don’t like this is my pistol the 1911 by w ii arm it’s a gas blowback full metal and it’s just using my secondary I’m loading the guns so um there are two types of use that you can use well not just two but they’re the point 12s which you see on the right and then the 125s in the bag I use a speed loader to put the VG’s inside you never use point uh 12 BBS because they’re too light on high-end guns I load them by putting the BG’s inside the speed loader and then yeah um same thing with the pistols you just pull the tab back and then you load it in with using the speed loader loads and maybe like three or four at a time so after you’re done to that you guys up the pistol magazine you have to hold it completely upside down and gas it up from the top using green gas it’s propane mix in silicone oil so it basically loops up your gun with every shot fired so I have to make sure to shake it up so that the oil gets inside you hold it in for about two seconds and then take it out um you basically load the pistol in the magazine inside the pistol pull the slide back to see if the BB is loaded um because it the purpose of the gas blowback is the chamber the round nose up Lexus the shooting stances there are two ways that you can there’s the triangle stance where you are saying sideways there gun shouldered it reduces how much of your body is showing as because you’re sideways so only half your body is seen second is a square stance it’s easier to pivot from left to right as opposed to the triangle stance where you can’t really pivot to the left the square stance though doubles the amount of body that’s being shown the same thing goes with pistols there’s the triangle stance where um you reduce the amount of your body that can be seen and then there’s the square stance where it’s easier to pivot to the left as opposed to the four and it was the next one we’re going into a shooting and reloading I use an eight point four battery inside my 416 I like to stock because it can hold just about any type of battery as opposed to the m4s so you stick it in the back like that that’s not any kind of sexual but okay stick it in the back then there’s the safe semi and fully automatic arm switches and then I’m going to be shooting into triangle stands right now you pull back the charging handle to load around and then the one it’s in semi-automatic right now and then I switch to full auto when reloading I opted not to use my thumb pouch just for the sake of the video then you can transition straight into a pistol my pistol has three safeties there’s the dock safety um there is the grip safety which you have to push down in order to fire the gun and last safety so you pull back the slide and make sure that there’s a round inserted and you can fire the gun it’s a blowback so around gets chump change every single time you fire the thing about shooting blowback pistols is that normally most companies will lock the slide back after your lab the final round is fired telling you that the magazine is empty and then you can just load it a new one in alright


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