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Airsoft Thompson M1A1 AEG Jungle Sniper Gameplay

Airsoft Thompson M1A1 AEG Jungle Sniper Gameplay

I want to dig in and just hide and watch some unexpected people to walk by With your Thompson Hell Yeah What’s going on exploders Today I’m bringing out a rarely-seen gun in airsoft the King Arms Thompson m1a1 I’ve had this airsoft Thompson in my posession for some time But never really took to its ergonomics and it being an old-school design.

It would be a sin to mount modern optics to it So I felt like a close-range gun But with some decent pop at about 370 FPS when this event came about it fit the description close-range forest fighting but with outdoor FPS limits.

I did tend to this gun and s-hopped the barrel as well as rewired to Dean’s to fix the very sluggish stock trigger On this day, it is powered by a Titan 11.1 volt battery and fed with HPA 0.3 gram BBs.

Enjoy Right off the start we hook around the enemy position into the part of the field they don’t expect us to be at Yo movement up ahead That’s Tan Yo, two I Have clear sight on the enemies. I don’t want to spook them prematurely But once I hear my teammates engaging all bets are off and it’s go time Let’s go around The jig is up, they’ve spotted me, time to bail Good save Lezz you good? You guys saved my ass.

Saved by my team just in time Dude these guys are gonna come right back at us once they respawn Did you just say “Friendly Fire I Think”? We can use the train to cover our movement, yeah Well, this is the cache This King Arms airsoft Thompson was shooting really well dead straight and enough power to punch through the thick vegetation But my biggest advantage was the SC Ghillie leaves you it’s the short model that only covers your head and upper torso But on the field like this that’s plenty by picking a position and keeping still I was nearly invisible Of course once you get caught it’s time to run away and try again Which way you guys wanna head in? Start pushing towards them? Yo Jedi Master Jedi Master Oh You guys just want to get all filthy, huh Yeah, look at that doesn’t that look more appealing than a Vietnam over here Go AJ take the lead, take the meat shield lead That was a horrible idea That was not our finest moment falling victim to the stinging nettle and stinging BBs.

After we recovered and regrouped we mounted another squad attack ..and you stay here Where they at? The rush quickly turns into a complete mess so I break off and sneak on my own I think down this road somewhere.

Yeah, that’s where all the fire seems to be happening I got him if he was alive At the end of the day this airsoft Thompson by King has quickly moved up into the favorites group It is awkward in many ways from reloading to shouldering to the fire controls But it’s light and compact and definitely is a unique piece on any airsoft field Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more weird and unusual airsoft replicas and I’ll see you in the next one


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