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Airsoft | The mercenary

Hello everyone, let’s meet for a new video, or I play in the mercenary / Russian camp, on an organized game by the blind team, with lots of friends: the addicted airsoft asso, Thine, Couscouskiller and Tiibs from the MDS! We need to find the crash site and secure it, we separate to better cover the ground.

First contact with NATO on a path, or I’ll tease them a bit with Thine. But impossible to go through there, there are too many of them, we will bypass it a little further. Enemies are hidden 30 meters in front of me, I advance cautiously while a sniper covers me.

I hear one very close to me. A little further, I find myself all alone in the middle of the field, but I manage to hold them by pulling so that he takes cover and can move me. I pull one out, then a second, but all alone, difficult to get by .

.. A little later, we managed to take the crash site, but we must defend it against NATO which must recover the black box. NATO is deployed along a hillock, but the engagement distances on this ground are very large, it is therefore difficult to hit your opponents.

I decide to rush a bit to get out of the way, I am covered by my allies as I advance on the left flank. No one saw me pass, I walk over and take out my PA I take the position of my enemy, and see all the rest of NATO who attacked our blank.

I manage to get out some who were being treated. I fall back to join my allies, but I’m spotted and I’m getting drunk ^^ Thanks for watching and see you soon for another video 😉


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