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Airsoft Tech Series: Cyma CM045 AKSU downgrade, sealing, reshim regrease and chrono Episode 1

Airsoft Tech Series: Cyma CM045 AKSU downgrade, sealing,  reshim regrease and chrono Episode 1

do you have the killer shake is 74 a.m. to see and 0-5 so reddit wife came you next step is to remove the selector switch this is a screw we are going to loosen up with the needle nose pliers so bring the lever this remove the charging combo first – yeah charging camera after you have done with this there is a plastic part here in front of the chamber we saw everything you need to remove this you can almost pushed whoever lost some before or did the hop-up chamber and that’s it oh my girl should come needs may need some force but this is the way how it should okay yeah this receivers slightly different when compared to the boy the this part is folded 90 degrees keeps the whole box it should yeah that’s it you have a box out this is very right please okay this is the first this is some beyond this and also after some relevance you do it much easier yeah don’t lose the selector mechanism parts okay here you can see the seven millimeter bushings and now we can check the shilling not particularly bad this is the cutoff Luger the selector mechanism trigger here you can see the coutelle cathode for the little bit making blowback mechanism and blowback simons here is a rod connected together and charging cable and that makes the mechanical go back and the whole mechanism is on the side so you can still use the the battery that fits in the cache you can fit in the pit those batteries in the lava cake is so who is mechanism for the fire selection the fire selector this selector plate on the other side you need to remove this discover and I have to check on the screen let’s your see what I’m doing okay deplete on the top it’s almost the wires needs to push forward you can use the plier for this will be the knife yeah and you are doing everything on your own risk yeah oops something by putting the parts together I think this is the wiring absolutely necessary no longer than that operation except the fuse and this miss release release you has to be removed to do give us the screws and yes before this is something anything so should we give sequence small battery that’s all to retract and every wise you’re going to be able to read out some more points okay that’s it those tubes removed nice always put the rag in the direction of the to catch it okay reeling in a flathead always goes Michael intense and keep the spring guide hold down the cylinder push down Oh so spring guide is uh I don’t know is it’s two magnets but I think it’s nasty its rotating time and yeah the magma – yes – it’s so it’s a steel spring and sorry governor it’s very good for me okay don’t know is it visible steel bushings and the shaving job when I check the Shannon job before opening up and it seemed to be okay but I will check it again steel gears not too much grease however there is a little grease in the pneumatic part yeah short but very powerful spring we see the compression now time I tell I was pretty much the same I had my cm 36 a wooden metal hood AKM two years ago and you know the exception it had this millimeter Bosch existed of the sun-eater abortion okay compression right out of the box shit let’s say bad you see it again with receiving cleaning receiving – is well to allow you to attract the tackle excellent and oops I stop the recording and I’ll be back once I have connected the charger for the camera it’s running out of battery power


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