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(AIRSOFT) T.M.C. chest rig review / my personal setting (DG09.)


This review is about a T.M.C. chest rig details of this rig will be attached in the detail box a bit fail with no dump pouch… this rig comes with 3 M4 double stack pouch, and 4 roll of molle each side the double pouch in the left is my pantac M4 pouch suits my radio and phone/purse weights only 917g!! T.M.C. , a chinese brand produced medium quality tactical items 1000 D CODURA velcro is not too sticky fits 2 WE GBB M4 mags also 1 M14 mag my setting 5 double stack = 10 M4 mags / 5 ak or M14 mags i use one of the pouch for pistol holster, very secure( i prone/crew a lot) and the drawing speed is okay (with my philosophy of fighting) my ear-set, can’t believe this cheapest thing works best for me a double pistol mag pouch installed in the pocket with velcro My Utility pouch Hankerchiefs (very useful) little med kit for cut(s) wet wipes My pocket knife (letherman c33x) Clip for most kind of plastic bottle very secure and i can detach it before running the game some mod on the back strap making the rig way more comfortable i love boonie hat, keep my head cool works even better than caps My DIY camouflaged callsign patch nice and steady I love this rig so much, and just cost me around 30 bucks!! details of the rig would be inside of the box under Thankyou for watching


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