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Airsoft – Sport Attitude – G&G GMG42 (MG42) [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Sport Attitude – G&G GMG42 (MG42) [ENG sub]

Hi everyone welcome to the Lair today I’m wearing a special T-shirt for a special airsoft gun a gun which cuts, tears and wastes targets ! The G&G GMG42. And I’m very very very happy to show this replica to you it is an exceptional gun so I’d like to thank the whole team at Sport Attitude for trusting me on this one because the gun is a bit pricey here in France you’ll have to spend almost 2400€ to get it so it puts a bit of pressure on me because if I break it I’ll have to sell all of those to buy this the gun has been available for almost a year but we don’t see many on the field as not many players have the money or the interest so not many shops here in France are selling the GMG42 the gun comes in a huge 15-kilo cardboard box and as you can see, everything is nicely packed in thick foam nothing moved during shipping so I’ve put everything on my nice table there’s a G&G catalogue there are tens if not hundreds of guns so if you like some of them, ask your shop to order there’s also a users’ manual written in English, French, German and Japanese where you’ll find everything useful about the GMG42 and just in case, a parts list I’m pretty sure that 90% of you guys never realised that on the G&G label attached to the replica there’s a small silvery thing to scratch don’t throw the label away you can register on the G&G website and win things through lucky draws it’d be too bad not to participate the parcel I’ve received is a “combo” it means there is everything you need in the box to start playing right away well, you’ll need BBs and speaking about BBs, some of you asked if I could do a video about BB tests I’ve been working on a paper for almost two years I won’t tell you which ones are the best but a few months from now I’ll publish it on the blog but I can already tell you that G&G BBs are among the best ones on the market and it is not free advertising *this is* 🙂 as it is a combo, there are two batteries in the box this one is a 11.

1V 1100mAh LiPo battery for the machine-gun and the small one that every HPA system knows is a 7.4V 430mAh Lipo battery for the drum magazine the battery charger is also provided as well as the power plug there are 3 lights so you can monitor the battery charge instructions are on the back and the plug is on the side there are also extra things in the box a different adaptor, I’m not sure it is supposed to be here it looks like a model to charge the hand-guard-embedded battery which you can find with some G&G AKs like the GKM I showed you 2 years ago there’s also a small extension for the drum battery big gun, long cleaning rod nice to find it in the box because most regular-length rods won’t be long enough be gentle when cleaning the barrel so you won’t damage the hop-up bucking I remind you that cleaning the barrel out of the box is always a good idea most of the time, gun parts are stored in greasy environment, especially barrels useless prop for airsoft games, so you can’t live without it : a 50-round belt the plastic cartridges are mounted on a steel chain I’ll show them to you and then put them around my neck as many others did in their videos of course these are fake rounds of ammo 7.

92mm Mauser this is quite heavy notice the G&G calibre markings if it is useless in game, it is a very good idea though very nice to show if you use the GMG42 for WWII re-enactments or shows or for a short movie awesome ! but why 50 rounds ? because it is the amount you put in the real drum magazine here it is, made of steel it can host 1700 BBs and it will feed the machine-gun through this plastic part here a captor allows the drum to know when it has to trigger the gears to feed the gun very nice there’s also a steel bi-pod nice and sturdy this is the locking part I’ll show you later that you can attach it on two different places the butt-stock is also a separate part made of plywood, it is very nice it looks really really solid there’s also steel here it looks like a shark’s tail look at the work on the wood, it is really nice there’s plenty of space for the battery but stop drooling, the machine-gun is right here heavy ! let’s plug the butt-stock simply slide it inside the frame it isn’t as on the ACM model or the real steel one you don’t have to make a 90° twist there’s a small button to unlock the stock I’ll deal with the bi-pod now two different positions are available one at the front of the machine-gun and one at the centre if you need to move the replica, fold the bi-pod and lock it to remove the bi-pod, simply push the locking part forward an axis allows the machine-gun to rotate around the bi-pod and you can also adjust the bi-pod’s width thanks to a screw depending on the use you want to make of this gun, you can determine which settings are the bests but be aware that the rear position won’t permit to lock the bi-pod along the frame For the need of the video I’ll put it back forward before proceeding to the gun’s overview, I’d like to talk a little bit about the real MG42 it won’t be long, if you need more info switch to Néo035 channel I must say that if he wasn’t living so far from my home I’d have invited him so he could tell us what he thinks of this gun early in WWII, the Germans had a few machine-gun types, including the MG34 machinengewehr 34 but a country at war has to build a considerable amount of weapons in little time for a low cost the MG34 was too long to manufacture and to expensive Hitler asked that a cheaper and easier to build machine-gun be developed in 1939, Metal Metal und warenfabrik metal und warenfabrik grossfrucht Néo, I need help please I won’t tell it twice !! I won’t tell it twice, I’ve been rehearsing it for 2 hours ! okay, it’s difficult for you too Bruce ! Bruuuce ! Yes I can help you it is called Metal und Lackierwarenfabrik Johannes Grossfuss AG or for you in slow motion that’s all see you, bye ! easy, easy, I’m not German ! so in 1939 Metal und Lackierwarenfabrik Johannes Grossfuss AG was put in charge of building this new machine-gun why them? well, because they were stamped steel specialists that’s easier and quicker than the MG34 building process the first prototype arrived ultra quickly in 1939 back in the days it didn’t take 7 years to build or decide what kind of gun you wanted the MG42 takes the short recoil barrel system of the MG34 and the specific muzzle break acts as a recoil accelerator it took 75 hours and 250 Reichsmark to built an MG42 against 150 hours and 327 Reichsmark to build an MG34 icing on uncle Adolf’s cake, the rate of fire was tremendous the first issued guns were capable of firing 1000 to 1200 rounds per minute by the end of the war, improvements will raise it to 1500 RPM going through an MG42 fire was impossible the machine-gun was so effective that Allied forced had no answer and soldiers trained to move quickly while the crews had to change the barrel it took between 5 and 10 seconds and then they could try to shut down what they called Hitler’s buzz-saw Hitler’s chainsaw in French once the prototype had been validated, four main companies built the MG42 after WWII the Americans studied the MG42 to create the M60 nowadays many versions still exist in 7.

62NATO among them, the MG3 used by German forces but may I talk about the replica ? G&G gives us a superb airsoft gun here 99% made of steel everything is steel except the aluminium outer barrel the sear, but there’s no constraints on it the wooden grips and butt-stock so this gun weighs almost the same as the real MG42 about 10.

5 kilos as the real one, the GMG42 is partially made of stamped steel I can’t tell… I’m not sure it is painted it looks more like blued, phosphated or anodized steel I’m not an expert so if you know better, please comment the colour is nice though most of the time Mg42s are more black than dark grey the last one I saw were in Normandy 2 years ago the muzzle break can be unscrewed there’s a locking part which you have to push before it is really nice and of course you won’t be able to use your favourite sound suppressor 🙂 everything looks solid you won’t carry this machine-gun around all day long except if you’re a colossus there are flip-up sights the front sight may be adjusted in windage by releasing a small hex screw and moving the sight the rear sight is adjustable from 100 to 2000 metres the MG42 was usually used up to 1000 metres for airsoft I’d say the max range will be 55-60 metres there’s also an anti-aircraft sight very nice (I say that a lot.

..) this handle unlocks the barrel but we’ll come back to it later the charging handle moves push and pull its sound is very nice we’ll see that this part is also useful at the back is the lock of the loading tray push and lift you can behold the impressive gearbox it is a big CNC-machined aluminium block and here is the mini Tamiya plug as well as the fuse the hop-up unit is also CNC-machined aluminium this is the adjusting wheel turn it clockwise to increase hop effect I suppose that they’ve put a green G&G bucking these are excellent parts so out of the box there’s nothing to change there’s a small button here if I press it the whole hop-up/inner barrel assembly goes forward and now what’s interesting is that you can remove the barrel just like on the real MG42 awesome if the outer barrel is made of aluminium, the big block here is a steel one unscrew the outer barrel to get access to the inner barrel once again this is awesome there are two barrel spacers a big spring the brass inner barrel is about 50 cm long and its diameter is supposed to be 6.

05mm but I’ll measure it in the complete written review to be published on the blog. yep, I’ll strip this beauty to the bone trying not to break anything needless to say that the barrel won’t vibrate of course the GMG42 shoots only in full auto G&G even thought about the German market, issuing a 0.

5 joule version this screw goes at the bottom and of course the hole goes upward the nozzle is also made of metal removing the gearbox is easy as pie there’s a small part here to remove notice the small ball slide the gearbox backward and remove it mind the wires and voilà it is a big CNC-machined aluminium block we can see the tracks of the machine, polish it if you’re a maniac notice the QD spring guide superb and it is quite light, thanks to aluminium a nice G&G plaque and here is the trigger switch the motor is right here, I can identify the excellent IFRIT motor these are 25000 rpm high torque motors but I’ll check it during the review I think it is the first time that gears are mounted on 10mm bearings inside the frame are aluminium parts to hold the gearbox putting it back is quick and easy wires first then the chock nothing moves “oh my God, there’s no more hop-up unit” ah ah, here is the thing with the charging handle pull it firmly and it puts the hop-up unit back in its seat as you can see, G&G don’t copy, they have a real R&D team now I’ll plug a battery it goes inside the butt-stock plug and put the stock back I won’t use the drum right now so I’m sure there’s no BB even if a gun is always to be considered as loaded the safety is at the top of the pistol grip holly cow ! hell of a RoF ! be cautious when shooting if you put your hand or finger too high you can put the gun on SAFE without noticing it the gun sounds good, well, it ain’t a real MG sound but still it is a real airsoft buzz-saw ^^ now I’ll install the drum magazine open the lid then operate the switch here open the small hatch pour BBs, 1700 max close the hatch and then push the middle button it will put pressure on the BBs so it feeds the gun correctly now plug the battery there’s a drawing about polarity, but you can’t be wrong, the plugs aren’t symmetrical and then insert the battery here push the ON/OFF switch close the lid then open the top cover insert the hooked part on the machine-gun and the lock at the rear the plastic part must be slid in the loading tray that’s it guys shoot your 1700 BBs open the top cover disassemble the part, press the locking device you’re done.

you can also remove the trigger assembly remove the small pin and then the big pin the sear will operate the switch the safety prevents accidental shooting I didn’t talk about the markings because I wanted to save them for the end of the video to me it is one of the two minuses of the gun the first being its price but about the price, when you hold the machine-gun it is justified in Asia you can buy it around 1800$ but here in France, you have to add import taxes, VAT, company taxes and so on so it is impossible to sell it 1500€ except during a huge sales but people still need to eat.

.. so, to me, the price is not a problem with this gun it is a very specific gun for specific public it is not the 180€-plastic-M4 of the average Joe it is a gun for the passionate and wealthy player/re-enactor so the second minus, which is also easily corrected because as the gun is made of steel you can add many things is about the markings G&G markings and logo are not very discrete even if depending on the angle and light, you may not notice them, here they stand.

.. the serial number is unique for each gun couldn’t they put the markings somewhere else? well, in fact I don’t know maybe it is about regulations, having visible markings to say it is not a real gun so, it is a weak point but as I said you can engrave or stamp your own marking to make it “more real” if you want to use it for re-enactment I won’t talk much about the colour as I don’t own a real MG42 it is hard for me to tell if it is correct once again, comment if you have a piece of information everything else is positive I’m not so often moved by a replica, but this one is wonderful I don’t feel like giving it back.

.. I’ve done about 10 reviews about G&G products there’s always a will about pleasing players sometimes forgetting about “marking realism” but it is almost always thought for the sake of the game and the gamer I’m really pleased with the GMG42 as you could see in the introduction, it shoots like hell so if you like cutting things, it is a nice tool I’ll come back to you in a few weeks to give you my final thoughts on the blog thanks again to sport attitude I haven’t broken anything yet let’s keep it this way I’m pretty confident though I’d like to thank Néo035 for allowing me to use one of his videos you can find many WWII-related videos on his channel, don’t hesitate also a big thumbs up to my mate Bruce from BB2K Airsoft He made a giant leap, he had 3000 subscribers a few months ago and now he’s over 20000 to me it is a must-see channel, even if it is a German channel, often with English subtitles he often shows exceptional guns, he made a video about this GMg42 a few months ago so thanks again for your kindness and cheerfulness Bruce ! I’ll let you watch this beauty one last time and see you son in the Lair xoxo


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