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Airsoft Sniping at a Castle Built in 1867

Airsoft Sniping at a Castle Built in 1867

Stick around till the end of the video because we’re giving away this awesome full metal airsoft pistol. Hey, what’s going on guys today we’re playing an old castle built in the 19th century the castle was used as a hotel, a whorehouse, and a place where people live out their final days under supervision.

Today is being used as an airsoft field but since the place is in the very bad condition and the floors are about to give way we’re not allowed to enter it. The game we were playing is called Zombie so two people start out as zombies and the rest is fighting to stay alive for as long as possible.

If you get hit by either a zombie or another human you take off your armband and become a zombie until there’s no more humans left. I want to stay hidden, keep my distance, and make use the range advantage that my sniper gives me.

Guys! One of the people I just shot in the building was actually human, so that means I now have to join the zombie side, and it also means I’m now surrounded by a bunch of humans. With my newly formed zombie army we’re now able to launch an attack on the human help building.

Okay, so they’re coming. Oh, that’s his elbow. Yeah Left, left, left, left, left My plan is to make my way through this dark building to get to the rooftop where the last humans are hiding. Massive, thanks to unit 13 to sponsor these awesome giveaways And this time we’re giving away a full metal PO9 gas blowback pistol made by ASG To enter the giveaway go follow the steps in the description, and you’re good to go.

The winner will be announced in the week, so good luck in the giveaway guys and I’ll see you in part 2 *sound for the beginning of the video on screen* Let’s go. Go hey what’s going on guys today? We’re playing a private game amongst friends, so everyone


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