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Airsoft Sniper Scopecam & Silenced Glock 18c AEP Gameplay – Cyma CM702 M24 CM030 Automatic BB Pistol


Hows it going Airsofters?! This week I’m at Skirmish Airsoft, and the game mode is “Find The Tags”. The field here is an abandoned off road circuit. It gives a great variety of long distance and close up play. That’s one problem with this Cyma Sniper Rifle… It’s not the quietest when it’s firing. And now the enemy are alerted to my position. I try to warn my team mate there’s an enemy really close. I’m to late, and the enemy gets a knife kill before I can take him out. There’s no tags in this building, and the enemy now know my location. So I have to move fast, and get out. I’m all out of ammo in my pistol mags, and the enemy are to close to use my Sniper Rifle. So I’m going to try and rely on my camo to keep me concealed.Ha… Who am I kidding! I’m not Novritsch. I get shot. Finally, I’ve found my first tag. The links these arrows are pointing to will appear in a moment…. …. aaaaany minute…. Boom! .


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