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Airsoft Sniper Overwatch from the Ridge

Airsoft Sniper Overwatch from the Ridge

however if it comes from myself or Dave C. it is not to be questioned because we’ve done all the fucking thinking and risk mitigation blah blah blah get it? my background was for 8 years I was really really skinny and I was in the fucking 75th Ranger Regiment and I fucking jumped out of planes you know 24 grand and I was a Ranger instructor and then I got fat and broke and i worked for the Dept of State and particular Dave on the other hand Special Forces Tower of Power (inaudible) pretty much hes a doctor so if you fall and break your leg hes like oh yeah I’m gonna get to fix your shit.

When we launch where are my Sniper Teams at? raise your hand okay my Sniper Teams i’m gonna get with you guys so you know where you’re going you’re gonna get eyes on early warning ok you got to have security support and assault before you do any kind of fucking direct action got it? Security, Support, and Assault.

followed by speed, surprise, and violence of action our security is also gonna be our support. put the long guns in and they’re going to be fucking looking for targets of opportunity because were on the high ground and we put rounds down range.

this trail were on right now is running this yeah so were prolly fucking way up here right now I bet you you were back a little bit so i swear i’m pretty sure I keep hearing somebody out behind us but i don’t know if it’s just a green straggler I think that’s green, I’m pretty sure its green just be aware.

Yah we hugged that fucking boundry. Mmhmm can you grab that? so if we follow this trail maybe it open up right there where we can get down about half way. It should start getting real steep and when it gets real steep that’s like a hundred yards from there yes so we can drop down about half way find an open lane for you that’s why I think I’m that we’re back aways because this goes like 45 degrees up at the edge that guy sitting down is dead.

MmHmm that’s his buddy just came out you got the camera on? Yep. Hey Dobey, take one step over. One step over to your right, right there, right there. he will step right into it every single time.

I see him. yep. that’s the only clean shot you’re going to get. I’m gonna risk it. (inaudible) Hes looking up. Hear it? He’s not gonna call that? Thats hitting him. Hes still got it shouldered.

(laughs) Did you hear that? Oh my god he didn’t call that. Are you fucking kidding? I just hit him in the helmet. nope nope, he’s putting his kill rag on. He’s calling it, good job. Nice! Good call dude, that was a fucking epic shot right there.

yep he called it, he called it. That hit a stick, theres just too much shit. there is, theres fucking fuck tons of it. good that will allow our guys to get up front that’s fucking fantastic. Hang still here.

I want to get a range there’s so much. Theres just fuck tons of shit. I’m trying to get a hole through I can’t get a good solid range but i’m guessing 80 yards right? I’d call that 80 yards easy.

yeah just so much brush I can’t get the laser through but this thing is.. I mean i can pick holes in the leaves you were picking it just puts a we did what we’re going to do here let’s go back up a little bit.

Hey look who’s behind us sneaky bastard I told you I told you somebody was shadowing us. No I say but I knew it was friendly Yeah I know i mean i could hear but I could never see I see them that’s that you said got him in a year always holding his head yeah he called it his red rags up i got to see how far that is that’s a good ways out yeah but what do you think that is I’m getting 128 yup that’s a good call 128 I got it three times in a row so I’m calling it that was pretty nice down it was exciting though you see anything else with him Trevor well we don’t know that’s just him not there they are there are two left the right behind him to his right there’s a couple are they far enough you think my 1250 I’m putting the minim call you been good


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