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Airsoft Sniper Loadout

Airsoft Sniper Loadout

Hello this is DIeViXer and this is my loadout video As a uniform I use a Flecktarn this is my plate carrier here I have my spare magazine for my L96 and here I’ve got 2 BB loaders one for the mp9 one for the L96 and I always use 0,40gr bb’s of King Arms with my L96 I use my mechanix gloves they are great I love them this is my face mask this is the hat I’m using I’m not happy with it yet but its ok these are my cameras GoPro hero3+ black edition And a GoPro hero1 I use this to cover up my back and this is my drone the DJI Phantom 2 with a controller I can control the GoPro on it I can put it up and down and it always stays leveled because it has a gimbal on it this is my well l96 I’ve put some camouflage on there just a little ok, and now i’ll show you how I put the camara on there what you do is you put one of these its the same as the one below it and you take a rail with holes and then you connect it like that its better to put one here as well but this scope is a bit to short so I couldn’t fit it in and this is my mp9 from KWA


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