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Airsoft Sniper Loadout | Gear | Equipment


This is my kia the most important thing for me is that it’s lightweight and functional therefore I’m using the PBX motorola plce system because it allows me to carry around everything I need on the field without being heavy or bulky let’s get started with the stuff I attached onto my carrying sister on my right side I got a small pouch with my PE X compass inside which are use at big medicines for navigation purposes it got a lot of functions and it’s pretty damn accurate my secondary is a Tokyo Marui Ichi 18 gas blowback pistol which allow for its reliability and the option for floral I keep the space above my secondary empty so I can draw it without any problems I highly recommend is a fairyland six zero zero four holster because of its comfort and reliability I removed its upper leg strap so I can wear it as near to my hip as possible to avoid unnecessary movements of the holster while walking on the back I got a multi-purpose pouch for my camera batteries Maps snacks and stuff like this for communication with my team I’m using a midland g7 radio on the left side I got all my mag pouches I’m using this closed ones from a sniper mags because I want to avoid loading 30 BBS into my rifle another advantage is that they can be opened completely soundless for my pistol mags of using taco pouches because they allow me to reload super quickly even in stressful situations on my back I’m carrying a three liter sauce hydration system which is thought in a PE ex hydration pouch the drinking tube is attached to the right shoulder strap it’s always there to provide me with fresh water if I need some for face protection I’m using this TMC mesh mask on which I did a paint job to make it look awesome Bali goggles for eye protection and a PE X boonie hat is a GoPro mount I’m using mechanics Bank laughs because to protect my hands but still provide a good touch sensitivity I always carry an alarm West with me which I use if I’m hit as you can see I only carry stuff with me I really need on a battlefield there are no knives dummy grenades are heavy stuff like this because I want my gear to support me not to slow me down links to the gear I’m using are in the video description you can get most of it at begadi comm check out the shop they got some awesome stuff there


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