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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay


Medic ! Oh i got it ?! And hello everyone, I have the pleasure to show you my first video on this channel an airsoft gameplay made on DefqOn’s field Let’s go ! Out Well done Watch out for ambushes No, we need 2 groups We need one medic and one snipe per groups Parallel to us Contact ! Out It’s good I’m still alive You didn’t see anything there? I’m going to take cover here We will try to enter the fir forest there But be careful, they can shoot us Contact ! Medic ! Oh I got it ?! Heu I think Now, you rush in the fir forest Let’s go, let’s go Out Go there Out Well done Medic ! Where is the flag ? I catch the flag Go run, run, run Go on, go on to the road Go! Go ! We won ! Good game That’s it Well done Out Sniper ! Out Enemy at 10 o’clock Let’s rush They are behind Out Let’s go flank the enemies ? Out Out I didn’t have one ? Yes you got me This is where we caught you last time What ? The Flaaaaaaaaaaag ! The Flaaaaaaaaaaag ! Tristan catch the flag, the flag, the flag Oh no ?!


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