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hey what’s going on guys this is freaking raccoon and welcome to my youtube channel this is the first time for me I never played herself before what why six years ago I posted some videos where I play with a hell 96 Tokyo Marui full PD I let me show you well it’s time to come back to the main video today we are in Belgium on a pretty nice field the game mark is a classic deathmatch I let you guys enjoy the video oh not to play airsoft my teammates attract the attention of the enemy so I decide to move and give them an ambush okay now Yong Bosch is ready on his new game I found a terrific spot just under a tree in the shadow these guys is taking pictures of the players when he came to me I called him and he took his pictures I don’t know if they are in my team yes they are my teammate I wonder if they are able to see me no I don’t think so I see movement on my right I have to stay focused I just killed a medic now we have to track them down to the last oh I think I see the last player what that’s it for today guys don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you want more sniper gameplay you


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