Home Airsoft Cheaters Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Knife Kill – OP Uprising II Part 1

Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Knife Kill – OP Uprising II Part 1

Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Knife Kill – OP Uprising II Part 1

they think that you’re way out of range yeah I’m coming up a move what’s up guys this gameplay is my first milsim in America I’m on an insurgent side and our first mission is to act the civilians to gain the trust of the enemy troops oh I like that guy here I’ll distract him I’m just going to catch it guys I will get you guys on the ground get them on the ground what are you saying oh my god speak English yes I know my rights hands on the ground okay hands on the ground houses then sergeant’s headquarter has given us permission to now attack the enemy troops chat the desert fox through smoke grenade so we can come to medic me and cover of the smoke yeah you guys you gotta get up and snipe people get off it’s lightkeeper gone bring your next one yep hey leave are we bromine Jocelyn fee don’t this way to get a shot through come this iconically and jet come this way you got him yep good shoes there you go that’s the shot that’s it look again I’ve got your right oh right right side right side right side oh yeah I’m down low I got I got a 4 o’clock – coming at you in the road I’ll get over there work Josh it’s got enough – yeah should have maybe were way out of range well I get shot out on a fridge okay kind of given the gate limits yeah one coming up a lil one is it they realize this was the first part of operation uprising stay tuned for part 2 in which Chet and I will team up as a sniper and spotter if we want to see Chet the desert fox perspective of the game go check out his channel


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