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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay In Abandoned Factory | SRS A1, AAP-01 CARBINE KIT (AAR-01) Which One?

Airsoft Sniper Gameplay In Abandoned Factory | SRS A1, AAP-01 CARBINE KIT (AAR-01) Which One?

Oh, I’m afraid Survival Weekend Survival weekend, Meow stay home Abandoned recycling factory Weather information Main weapon information Negative weapon information Meow meow(? Camera Information Four SRS split on both sides Go to IG to catch up Miss Mouth Little Sniper Partner Appointed not to slap her face (=゚ω゚)ノ The first hostage rescue #The pistol even rolled out# A bunch of scratches RRRRRRR Push left Need your cover Need your cover OK! Run together it is good! Too much wind Headshot, comfortable (by mistake The hostages are held here Hit him from another angle I got the container You be careful on the right side Is that ours Sure Is there anyone in the container? Ours in the container It’s TRIPLACE! #Suffered by friendly fire# TRIPLACE are you inside? It’s me, it’s me, a teammate is hitting me Investigation ahead Find the enemy Oneself 10 o’clock, bottom line! There are in the bushes! The front drain, O Xiang is there # Suffering shots# Killed! The yellow partner on the right side was killed in action No one is watching, I will push! Radio: “I push forward to the low wall” He got to the low wall Shh.

.. Stealth mode… Gunshot on the left A teammate died He also changed one Meow, meow~ # Suffering shots# Dead in action! I just hit you on the head How is it? this one? No, just hit the goggles it’s okay no problem It’s okay (*ˉ︶ˉ*) The first hostage rescue victory The teammate took advantage of the high pressure on the left to attract attention, and single-handedly brought back the hostages from the right Remember this cute little male Sen? He is the son of our gun friend, and started playing with dad this year I just hit your mask, how about it? So accurate, it hits me in the face with one shot As soon as I saw it, a white thing flew over Second game, switch sides Wait, what’s this? The rifle(?) this little sister is holding is a bit special The rifle in this little sister’s hand(?) is a bit special carry on! carry on! carry on! carry on! Here! Follow me, watch out for holes in the ground! Watch out for holes! Recently! Come in the opposite side! Knock out one There is a white container on the left The white container is knocked out, there is one in the middle Is anyone going to the bottom line on the right? Killed in action Mess, the last pistol case Are you killed? Correct Need your rifle for me Can you give me a Chang box? Show off! Advance! next episode! AAR-01 (AAP-01 rifle kit) IG won’t catch up The creator sponsorship platform is in the description section The creator sponsored platform has a cup of coffee a month at the description The creator-sponsored platform has a cup of coffee a month in the description to make the mouth continue to make trouble A little farther away, it hurts A little scared Come on, make a circle first 484 a bit close Three steps forward Turn around Take a few steps! ? Three steps? step! It won’t hurt, really One step Two steps! step Two steps Alright, one step and a half! Kill the small~~~ I don’t want to care about you anymore~~~ About five seconds Oh ~ scared I’m fine! It hurts a bit~~~ There’s nothing wrong, I still have one Come on R~~~~~~~~ This is okay, I was squirted last time, Pop IG won’t catch up Come to the public it’s okay no problem! bite.

. . Chosen one? After you lose it, I won’t flash anymore, I’m not afraid to mess with It feels like a small gun I have seen this, press like, subscribe, and share with friends in three bursts Little Sniper needs Ni’s support See you in the next video!


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