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what’s up guys today we are playing in Belgium in the sanatorium Lee Toland built in 1937 it’s a medical institution specializing in the treatment of tuberculosis the building abandoned since 1918 today we are going to play in this historical treasure the game mode is a massive team deathmatch let’s go we have to clean this flow to progress Oh oh I’m hit by friendly fire – are you good huh this guy thinks he saw teammates will hit down no it was me short this guy want to see everybody’s hit the dirt and bush has this guy gonna destroy it the juggernaut can become a teammate if return is light and blue about to shit okay Oh be guarded by enemies we’re gonna try greenie her enemy fire is coming from the safe side both why’d you go this floor is clear take the next floor as shield is blocking the stairs we need is coming full of enemies nice you’re a petite old I go that and uppity no well anyway bigger I do Oh your shop there is a group of enemies at the end of the building that’s it for today guys don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you want okay and play with it if you don’t like to be quiet in the car my name is Reverend raccoon I see you next time you


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