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Airsoft | Short Spear | Kriss Vector HPA | 60 FPS

Airsoft | Short Spear | Kriss Vector HPA | 60 FPS

Short video of the “Spear of Destiny” operation where I could play only on Saturday. The game will mainly take place in the “Village” section of the site. I use a KSC Kriss Vector HPA and my Marui Meu 1911.

The presentations ! A great moment of … A great moment. A very long presentation of all the staff ! No need to put subtitles here. I take this moment to talk about the action which focuses on this video.

An action that begins near the workshops and has goal to take an enemy respawn point. A laborious progression that will end much like in “The Fort Alamo” for me. It’s time to go shoot some bbs ! Teammate : Contact ? Me : All right, it is OUT.

Me : They are behind the fence. They wait. So, we will go get them ! FOE : Contact behind ! FOE : You hit me ? We do not touch to the windows. If the opening allows the head to spend, so we can use it to shoot.

Me : That’s done. Teammate : Fab, behind you, to the right ! FOE : You’re OUT or not ? Me : Yes, I shifted myself ! Me : Well done ! I did not expect you there ! Sniper : I was forced to leave my covered position, you were two meters from me.

Finally ! The building just lying behind to the respawn. It remains only to keep it ! Need a break … in toilets of course ! Me : No visual on the respawn (Radio) Me : That becomes untenable here ! (Radio) Me : Well done ! Me : I reload ! ??? Me : Doh ! It’s true ! It’s time to move ! Me : What it does not do.

.. FOE : Fab ! Excuse me, I’m sorry ! Me : There is no problem. You shot in the thigh! Me : You were not supposed to see me get here. There’s no problem. Me : I would have done better to stay in my place !


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