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Airsoft – Serious Business Vol. 7

Airsoft – Serious Business Vol. 7

I just wanted to say, that Spoon is systematically not coming to our meetngs So we have a mesage to him again Three, four and… SPOON YOU WEENER! Nothing changes over here Everyone’s asking “Where is Spoon, Herod, what’s going on with him?” Or “where is Wookie?” I mean, am I their fucking agent? Spoon, you weener, where have you been all that time? And what are you getting your money for? For other things For porn, mainly.

.. Oh, c’mon… What are you doing? We’re going to fuck him Oh. let’s go then People are asking me where are you, so where are you all the time? I can tell you, I know He was showing littl kids some “pussy” in the basement Hello there, I’m an ass-kicking inspector.

Who are we beating the shit out of today? And here’s Groszq taking Osaka from behind Everyone, go, go go! I like you being aggressive I’m not Dr. Quinn, but… But you have a similar kind of beauty Are we playing? I have a different mission Wait, me too.

.. Do you masturbate before the shooting? Before, during and after Lika a lady from a good family Tactical Marry Poppins Is this Herod’s camerA? yES Is it recording? Say “cheers” to our audience You hear a signal and you’re recording.

.. …all the ugly faces Listen, boss, I see darkness before my eyes I would make an anal-kill on you right now Not this time! It’s my ass We are soldiers as fuck… Excuse me, why do you say such thing to a lady? “Why do you fucking scream?” Where is the good old chivalry? Excuse me young lady, why do you fucking scream? I forgot the head bags once again, shit Three guys assaulted me.

.. No wonder, you’re showing tits to everyone! Oh shit! You fell down? Yup… Help me, do you have a speedloader? Yes, I have a speedloader, you slut Why are you showing the tits all the time? Well, it’s broken.

.. Wright, broken… You’re sitting in front of the TV all day long And showing those tits in the window later Could you reach for the speedloader? Warn me when you raise your arm next time Herod. have you had the mouth-to-mouth training? Uhm.

.. we both had that dick-to-mouth training I remember I had to take the sheet out from my ass This is a fucking minigun. Is it functional? Yes, it shoot’s gel-BB’s Who the happiest here? The second one.

.. He’s fucking, he’s been fucked… And he can jerk the first guy off… This is disgusting… I have to try it This will be such a dishonor when you’ll be killed by that gun Spoon! Son’t you take a shit into that tire! No shit! You killed me with that? What a shame.

.. This is the scene, when Uncle Herod is going up hill With a beltkit and a backpack Jesus… Come with me and you will be invisible Duty And fun… I had to chop off me legs right to the knees to be invisible like you Hello, welcome in Uncle Herod’s brothel Girls are already here.

you can… go to the room Honey, I need to talk serously Me too, you’re bad at cocksucking There’s a little sniper over there What’s a “little sniper”? A little sniper And what do we have here? There is a big sniper and he have a puppet, a little sniper What a bullshit I guess we have to get separated for a while I’m fucking reindeers, I don’t care And I’m fucking elves I knew it Wow, you smell so good Such.

.. “manly”… %*&#@! This is a proof that there is no second airsoft forum like that in Poland There is no other You mean with psycho’s like me, you and Spoon? Like Spoon in the first place 🙂 Wow, such great tits I can feel it Big caliber, I’m outta here You saw nothing Someone needs a medic? Hello, your National Healt Fund card please I will stick to the main roads, you couldn’t take a shit there Watch how quickly he’s taping him Wanna know how fast can he free himself from that tape? How could someone take a shit before the game and in-game? Just like that Dude.

.. I didn’t even wiped my ass Well, I’m sure of that Are you in yet? We’re going to bend over! Who’s going to bend over? I want it too But… together? Oh, I have a snow in my ass We fucked fourteen year old I think I saw that There is a sniper there Twelve o’clock What”s up, my little gay fucking elves? I wll take care of him Somersault A question for you, Herod Does a big gun like this one.

.. heals some of your complexes? You shoot his ball off, now he only have two Yes… I always felt bad because of my tiny little feet… Osaka! I have an umbrella, go get the beer Bend over and cough I felt it in my ass In your ass you say We know who’s ass is the widest Well, I have a bore up Wanna try with my piston? It would fell out You wanna play here alone? Yes, no problem, we can do it You like to be alone in the woods Uhm.

.. So it requires a bigger head? Yup, a bigger head Will you join us? No, I can’t After last time I have to take care of some of my private parts It’s hard to sit on it, right? Well… They totally fucked us.

.. Right in the bushes It’s good you got fucked, cause we were shot at What? Santa on the front Actually Santa likes ot more from behind You’re back from a ong yourney You were taking No 2, right? Yesterday I was looking for some funny porn movie titles To drag it into the game And I’ve found a movie titled “Raper destroyed my crapper” Which is about some assess being destroyed by rapers I was laughing for ten minutes straight I could stick the dick out and wave it a little but it’s too cold Are these pink BB’s? Yup, pink BB’s Everytime I’m playing with it I’m really satisfied There is an old joke Two reitred ladies meet after their got their retirement money And one of them asks the other: “Hey, what did you get” And the other says: “A big fucking cock!” “Bastards, they gave me the money instead.

..” We have to get these tires Put one one on the other Then put some guy with the guns inside And we will create the Shooting Michelin Guy 🙂 This is the stupidiest idea ever. I’m in You’re seriously fucked up, do you know that? But that’s why I love you, get over here!


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