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Airsoft Scopecam 2018 – Foxeer Legend 3


What’s up everybody it’s good to see you here today I’m finally replacing my old scopecam foxy legend 2 with new version foxy legend 3 with 35 millimeter lens so let’s get started first let’s unbox the camera you will need this lens extension which comes with the lens otherwise you won’t be able to focus the lens I put some Loctite on the thread to hold it in place you can also use the setscrew but I don’t have one so I skip this a few drops of Loctite should be enough don’t forget that your lens has to have IR filter make sure you buy the right stuff otherwise it won’t work let’s open the camera you need to be careful there is one wire connecting the two parts you don’t want to break this to unscrew the lens just use a little bit of force you could use heat again to soften the glue but it wasn’t necessary in my case I put some tape on the lens to fill the gap between the body of the camera and the lens itself so that it doesn’t move around otherwise it’s kind of all over the place and you don’t want your footage to be shaking now just reassemble the camera these gaps ensure that there is enough pressure on the lens so when you screw the two parts together the lens won’t move around but for now keep it loose we need to focus the lens first you can use HDMI cable and your TV this would be a better way but in my case new camera didn’t communicate with my TV for some reason so I used the app on my tablet as you can see folks here – works just fine but when I try to connect foxier 3 it just I don’t know why it just won’t connect turn on the Wi-Fi on your camera connect your phone or tablet and let the app cry several times until it starts working now just slowly turn the lens until it’s in focus after that just tighten the screws and you are mostly done now you just need a way to mount it on your camera I use quick detach Picatinny rail and some double-sided tape just make sure your gun and your camera are aligned properly I check whether the middle of the screen is aligned with the red dot on the top of the gun and it seems to be just fine and this is the final package if you got anything useful from this tutorial hit the like button I’m doing this for you guys to help you get some nice footage of your gameplay if you are interested here are some sample shots so that you can see what you can expect I’m gonna be using this in my future video so consider subscribing thanks for watching guys and see you next time


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