Home Airsoft Loadouts #AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM #Suppressed polarstar ✔Run run run

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM #Suppressed polarstar ✔Run run run

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM #Suppressed polarstar ✔Run run run

Hi everyone ! 8 months ! – ” Come on let’s get to the heart of the matter For the moment we push back the enemy waves Meanwhile our snipers are trying to neutralize the enemy commander but it’s not easy, there is a lot of wind, I really attenuated the sound so as not to break your ears They are trying to break through from the right! We must quickly counter them before we get overwhelmed for the moment our team is holding the area pretty well Now they are trying to break through from the left.

The shield !! it’s a good sign, it means that the enemy commander is not far away I will try not to lose sight of them, if they pass it is lost I have my hopup which is not well adjusted, I will quickly rectify it and it will be better for the rest of the game They regroup on our left flank The enemy commander !! it must be neutralized They try to pass in force, but this time out of the question of losing them I intend to be successful:] let’s get the PA out, it’s safer End of the game, unfortunately we are too late, they have already crossed the border See you soon for new, longer, and spicier videos! Ciaoooo !!!


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