Home Airsoft Loadouts #AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔Enemy Spotted V1.0

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔Enemy Spotted V1.0

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔Enemy Spotted V1.0

Hi everyone ! We meet for a new video with 2 POV I am with Shifty, a member of the BAM We are hunting down a small group of enemies So that the effect of surprise is total we take a parallel path They are right next to us, on the road to our left.

but our team occupies them, suddenly we pass almost without paying attention We are getting to the heart of the matter, here we will have to be careful At this precise moment they must be less than 15m from us we spotted them! They come towards us, there are 4, 5 at most! We play it safe, we will let the first pass and intercept the last The others are not very far, but to avoid fighting on 2 fronts we decide to eliminate the first I let Shifty take care of it, he has more reach than me 2 less, let’s wait for the other 3 Only the wall separates us from them, we even hear a guy climb on the roof We must take advantage of the surprise effect, let’s not waste time 3 less, but 1 remains! Shifty gets tricked, but I neutralize the last one Another phase of the game, we have captured our flag, now we have to defend the area I open a window through the vegetation but there is wind, a lot of wind, and I don’t have a huge reach with this soundtrack Despite everything the balls will go to goal several times! come on let’s change our position After cleaning the area with our team, I decide to bypass just to take them from behind, and it will quickly pay off let’s be careful, there are still many They are here, let’s wait for the right time 3 less, but 2 guys point me to the left, suddenly I get out Ciao friends, and see you next time!


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