Home Airsoft Loadouts #AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔ Op Donestk 2

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔ Op Donestk 2

#AIRSOFT #SCOPCAM ✔ Op Donestk 2

Hi everyone ! After several weeks without playing, I’m back on the 2nd opus of our Op Donestk We are grossomo 80 players. To put it simply, 3 bases, 3 flags, the goal being to control them all as I play with a friend’s line and my video captures do not allow me to make a big edit .

. the latter will therefore be very short. Here we are holed up behind a barricade that we must protect we’re going to do a lot of hits and hold them for a while, but they’ll get the hang of it a bit later This time it’s up to us to counterattack, as I play light I decide to rush several times but in the meantime I find myself blocked by a michel hidden behind a tree if I want to move forward join my friends I must eliminate him Bingo, let’s continue Last rush for me! The goal: to take back our flag! The flag has fallen, but I too go back to the neutral zone and let my friends continue A little fail from our Russian pro friends Go ciao folks, and see you soon for new adventures at HPA!


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