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hello the impallinati finally the wait is over as I have long anticipated, here we are at the scoop review of this year it is the brand new vr 16 ris 2 gas blowback version 2 with npas adjustable VFC .

.. the feeling on the arm is that of a real shotgun steeL … sturdiness and solidity make it a monolith, also thanks to this beautiful 14 “inch Daniel Defense, weight is also extremely realistic, because with the charger inserted, we are around 3 kg.

exactly like a real steel m4 with a loaded thirty rounds magazine. all the mechanical movements of the speargun are perfect, the stock runs very well game-free and snaps to every position like a clock the rear sights also rise and fall with some resistance very pleasant, I would like to open a parenthesis on another point that relating to the quality of the replica, as it can be seen here, precisely because, when I tried to calibrate the replica, to reset it you can go and see the video I made I didn’t have to move the notches a lot had remained aligned with the factory reset, and this, I must say, that is truly about a quality example.

seen that the inside of the mechanics and like that of a real gun also the selector clicks which is a pleasure moreover, if it is not loaded, you cannot make it insecure, like in a real shotgun. and finally the Bolt and the cocking handle, these also move and they snap softly.

also the “CLANK”! of the closure is pretty sturdy, but that also depends the type of spring that you will put in the buffer, according to the setting of the NPAS that you will do inside the bolt, yes because the feature maybe more important of this rifle, in addition to the renewed components internal steel, and the ability to adjust the power through this valve called NPAS, which allows you to manage how much gas you do get into the barrel and how much you want to attribute to the recoil, yes why that that you take away from the barrel you make it go in the recoil in simple terms, but in the conclusions later, I will go into more detail on these specifications now let’s hear how the magazine pulls, which is a v-mag of the vfc, among other things really really nice, loaded with Vgas.

it is a slightly lubricated gas, to allow the lubrication of internal parts during firing movements. we go single shot wow guys that recoil, you have no idea, let’s move on to the flurry, then how do you Could feel the burst and the recoil are spectacular this rifle has truly incredible recoil power well clearly now it is managed in such a way as to diffuse an energy equal to one joule, then arrive at one power that officially allowed in Italy, and therefore a lot of gas goes into recoil, ambient temperature and 25 ° C is the charger e been charged and left to rest for a few minutes for the gas to settle expanding perfectly inside is something I recommend doing all, don’t get loaded and play, let the gas expand quietly read as you could see you can shoot all 30 rounds the magazine is capable of holding with a large margin of gas still residual in fact I could go on .

.. still go on, this guarantees a spread of the power inside of the barrel constant, and consequently also a more constant accuracy of the hop up it can be reached by disassembling the upper, or by opening the bolt, using an Allen key very small to insert, very uncomfortable, but we will see that the management of the hop up does not is so fundamental in this rifle, in fact thanks to the management of the power this rifle manages to have a frightening and constant accuracy the only blowback gas rifle that features a hop up that works perfectly perhaps the maui mvs but, soon I will explain why in this rifle the power of the hop up takes a back seat, the disassembly takes place exactly as for a real steel through these pins the pins are massive and open smoothly and snap held by further small pina amolla inside them, which do not allow the loss accidental, an important observation be careful when opening the compass rifle because, you will have to avoid opening it completely, since the daniel defense it has such a protrusion that it leverages a little on the lower, consequently on the front pin, risking to break the front rings.

you can disassemble both pins or if it is a quick maintenance just be careful not to open it all at once. as I said the mechanical part is been upgraded this means that we now have an internal functioning full steel, all block tooth, dog hammer, bolt catch the trigger, all the mechanical part was made of steel very resistant, and therefore the mechanical components that usually it is replaced with aftermarket parts and is already upgraded at best a note, the bolt catch tooth is very resistant and engages against the bolt in a place where the bolt itself has been strengthened through a steel insert to work steel on steel ed prevent it from wearing out quickly and no longer block the rear bolt.

also the problem of the bolt that wears immediately and no longer locks has been solved. as regards the bolt, the adjustment of the NPAS takes place via an Allen wrench the same you will use for the hop up and promises a very refined one gas power management and here I would add just a little parenthesis on the hop up, the use of a rifle like this that has the adjustment of power, it allows you not to have to concentrate as in an ASG, on management of the hop up, which however acts too much, me personally I have reached the minimum setting, where the hop up just touches the cue ball actually handle a parabola shot.

the regulation of the npas allows to provide enough power to reach considerable distances without even having to use the hop up if you want to maintain power reduced, the use of the hop up will be necessary, and here too you can indulge yourself with the use of more or less dedicated rubber pads, soft, less soft, silicone and less depending on the season.

but let’s go back to the regulation of the NPAS, this operation must be done pulling out the bolt, you can’t just do it from here, so you can also, you can try to log in from here, but it’s really inconvenient.

thanks to this system you can always adjust the power of your speargun, within the desired limits. the shooting test demonstrates an incredible constancy also because we are talking about thirty rounds, contained in a magazine with one large amount of gas, which guarantees greater constancy from the first to the thirtieth shot.

I’m really glad I had the privilege of being able to worldwide review, first, this replica, because I must admit that the level of detail of the quality of the materials that the VFC has implemented in this project, it makes me think very well also about the future of the world blowback gas.

however, we must add some considerations that in my opinion are fundamental. the first, to whom a blowbac gas like this is intended, how to use this tool so that it can be exploited to its best potential, and finally what precautions to use to keep the replication always efficient and avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

the recipient of a blowback gas rifle, is definitely a conscious user, it’s not about sure of a shotgun for those in their first experience in this field. only 30 shots in the loader, mechanical familiarity in adjustment and maintenance, make it this rifle a bit difficult for those who do not have these skills, on the other hand, for those looking for maximum realism, then there is no doubt that you bring home a object truly faithful to a real steel.

playing with this shotgun you can really research what the mechanics are and engage those skills e which are necessary for the handling of a firearm … mostly … mine warning for example for the cqd dynamic shooting against silhouettes, there is none other thing like this, capable of getting close to a real shotgun.

with this shotgun can be put to the test all operators who want to try the thrill and difficulty encountered using limited strokes e real shooting mechanics. besides the recoil, he goes back to saying, is really considerable, but really a lot, there are no ASGs capable of recreating one similar feeling that is why the final use of this object must be oriented to situations and environments in which there is homogeneous diffusion of the same equipment, where that is, everyone has thirty rounds per magazine, for example, and they use gas rifles, or in special firing circuits sporty dynamic.

finally nobody forbids to use this wonderful shotgun also for those who want to try to play sniper shooting long distance, clearly in private circuits, where not he pulls himself below thirty meters, who has ears to hear intends.

and in those cases I guarantee you that it is truly a great satisfaction play with this little gem. and finally when you own a rifle with mechanical structures that undergo important stresses, as in the case of a blowback gas, constant maintenance is required after each use, although constant maintenance should be a good one habit also on the AEG, because in the case of the blowback gas it is true that we have to take great care of the lubrication of all parts and cleaning and above all we must take into account that after a few months of use, some parts go replace, as you replace the brakes on a car or without having to go too far, how to replace the parts of a real gun.

and if the boys because remember, any object that has a mechanical movement is subject to wear and tear in any case, even at best rifles, we should allow for constant replacements of parts that do wear out.

for what concerns this rifle I have not yet had any type of problem. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now frequently, and for now it’s a wonder. so guys i want to thank them for the patience you have had so far, but I have preferred to live with this item for some time, so to be able to appreciate in depth all the qualities and be able to offer not only the positive parts, but also some of its defects, to be noted that the stock washer, for example, in the long run, due to vibrations, tends to unscrew, nothing that a threaded brake cannot solve.

also, in some parts of the rifle, the painting it has gone a little way, but it’s really about lines, lines that I made supporting etc … this is not a problem for me, who love signs wear, but denotes the type of paintwork that was used may have tendencies to scratch, finally guys I would like to remind you of a very important appointment, to be able to try this and other fantastic ones VFC rifles, mark it absolutely not to be missed, this October precisely the 8th of October 2017 at the 49th arena of Saronno, in the descriptions you will find all the links for the details, the VFC day organized by “The Sergeant” famous airsoft shop, lo you will know, and there will be the presentation of the new line of rifles a gas, with the possibility to try them, ok so absolutely not to be missed, also there will be death match shooting, finally also a refreshment area, in short a unique opportunity, which I will talk about in more detail shortly, stay tuned please keep yourself free.

well guys we have arrived at the end of this scoop on the brand new vr 16 ris 2 gas blowback 2 vfc rifle with an amazing aesthetic, a realism comparable to a real shotgun, a low cost, for which is around 450 euros, internal mechanics in steel revised version 2, adjustable npas .

.. what to say … highly recommended. for all those who want to treat themselves to a jewel of the VFC house. from PO3 is all remember to subscribe to the channel if you liked the REVIEW, so I can keep them up to date on all the news and miss a second allow a thumb up or down depending on your liking of the review not on the appreciation or not of the gun please .

.. because it helps me a lot in the diffusion, then despoil and comment that I always answer you IMPALLINATI the next one! ciaola


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