Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Schlacht im Wald Deutsch | Gameplay auf der Area M

Airsoft Schlacht im Wald Deutsch | Gameplay auf der Area M

Airsoft Schlacht im Wald Deutsch | Gameplay auf der Area M

Hey guys, Geonox here. Welcome to a new airsoft video. Today we are at Area M in Koblenz. And by we I mean my Airsoft Buddies from Lauterbach. How thirsty do you actually have to be to have to drink in a group photo.

Also at the start are my two Youtube buddies Highlander and Ruempel. They make very cool airsoft videos. Take a look at their channels. I’ll put the links in the info box below. We are team red. Game mode is Team Deathmatch.

First contact with the enemy. Nobody gets that far. You don’t get that far. Unfortunately, I cannot see the bullets. But I get this far. I definitely know I won’t get that far. For me that means attack.

Yes got him I am here Red. I wave to my teammates so they don’t shoot me. The respawn is just up the hill just behind it. Clean Geonox. Good geo. Ok clear. There’s a sign there. I’ll get it. Now flank quickly from the right and catch the shield from behind.

By the way, by the shield I mean this. Where is the sign Here below? Yes. The sign is gone. Nobody is like that anymore? In the meantime, our teammates have eliminated the two behind the shield. Very well done.

Still, I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t catch her. It’s a little too close here. How are we supposed to get out of the spawn properly? Where’s the spawn? It’s a little too close here. That was not planned.

We don’t know our way around here very well. And it looks like we got so far that we ended up at the enemy spawn are. We’re pulling back so the opposing team has a chance to get out. Watch out. There on the tree too.

Do you see There between the trees. Yes, the one behind the sign doesn’t matter to us. Also watch out for the street at the bottom left. Two opponents are crouching up there behind a cover. We have fanned out.

And attack from three different angles. One is gone. One is out. Both out. Hit! From the left. While we were concentrating on the two behind cover we were lost flanked on the left. I’m hit Back in the game, I try to get to my teammates as quickly as possible.

Because we had advanced so far, the spawn felt like 3000 km away. I just have to go for a jogging session. There they come. The enemy is coming. Our plan is to be very quiet and wait here until the opponent is closer.

Where are you? Oh shoot my funk. Hit! Ruempel was so nice to lend me a radio today. Unfortunately I still had it very loud. Which is not bad. Unless you are called at the worst possible time. Oh you ever it goes deep down here.

There are two right there. I see it. They are coming. You come up here? Now i am empty. They come back there. There are two back there. Do you have another mag? There are two. Three. Hit! Oh no, Geo. I am so sorry.

I am hit. And I’m so sorry to leave my buddy Eon in the place with four opponents got to. The signal sounds on the way back to the respawn. Playing. That’s it for the video for today. If you liked it, please leave a thumbs up.

Be sure to stop by the Highlander and Ruempel, who also filmed the day to have. See you next time and as always, Happy Gaming.


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