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Airsoft Rulez! (Basic Rules of Airsoft)

Airsoft Rulez! (Basic Rules of Airsoft)

Before we start, let’s talk about the rules of airsoft. The first rule: During the game, each player must wear safety goggles. It is each player’s responsibility to follow this rule. Don’t forget the trigger discipline.

– Have you got the car keys? – No I haven’t. After being shot, each player must notify the enemy by shouting: “Hit!” It is best to act at being hit as realistically as possible. Medic! A Player, that is hit, can wait for 5 minutes to be treated by a medic.

It is only within this limited time, that a medic can get to a wounded soldier. During the treatment he must stay close to him and keep the treatment time down to just one minute to visibly bandage the wounded soldier.

The player is considered dead, if not treated by a medic within five minutes. The dead player must mark himself with an orange head cover and goes to the Respawn area. He is forbidden to reveal enemy positions.

The player is considered wounded, when hit anywhere but his weapon. If the weapon is hit, it is excluded from the battle until a visit to home base or to the respawn area. During this time, the player can use a secondary weapon.

The hit counts if the grenade explodes within three metres, but only when there is no obstruction between the explosion and the player. It is forbidden to shoot through the respawn. It is forbidden to return to the respawn for belongings.

If anyone returns to the respawn, he is considered dead. You’re hit! Well, we are approaching the finish. . . Arguments about direct shots are forbidden. The player is considered alive until he announces he has been hit.

If he cheats, it is his own responsibility. What happened? You cheater! Why don’t you call your hits? You bloody cheater! Can you play fair? What is your problem man? He shot you three times. All the BBs bounced off the wall.

Nobody will play with you. Check your scope man. See? Nobody hit me! So that’s it. And the last thing. The weapon must be always secured in the Off Zone.


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