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AIRSOFT /RRECENZJA: ARCTURUS AT AK12 z oferty Taiwangun.com

AIRSOFT /RRECENZJA: ARCTURUS AT AK12 z oferty Taiwangun.com

Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today we will present to you the AT-AK12 replica by Arcturus. This is a relatively new design. The real firearm has been first presented in 2012. Lets see how this replica looks like.

The carbine is made mostly of black oxidized steel. Only the handguard, the pistol grip and the stock are made of reinforced polymer. Overall, it makes an impression of being robust. At top of the receiver cover and the handguard there is a Picatinny rail.

The receiver cover is attached in such a way that it practically does not move when closed. The handguard has three additional rails, at the sides and at the bottom. The collapsible stock has five adjustment steps and it can also be folded to the site, secured with an automatic lock.

The safety/selector lever, with an additional tab allows to fire in full-auto as semi-automatic firing modes. The pistol grip is very comfortable, allows for stable positioning of the hand during shooting and high mobility while maneuvering the replica.

Another part that is noteworthy in this replica is the flash hider, together with the dummy gas block and the front sight. They are very well made and perfectly fitted making the parts look like in a real firearm.

The set come with two quite unique magazines, with and angled floor plate and dummy ports that in the original show how much ammo is left. The first one is a classic hi-cap, with a spring winding gear as the bottom, holding 500 BBs.

The second one is a mid-cap, holding 130 BBs, which can be switched to holding just 30 BBs. And what’s inside? To get there we first have the open the receiver cover. Inside is a not-completely standard V3 gearbox with an electric blowback option which, fortunately, has not been installed and a quick spring replacement system.

Inside there are parts already known from other Arcturus products such as a flat piston head with a bearing a piston with full steel teeth and steel gears. There is also an interesting manual main spring release system with the button operating it situated next to the trigger.

To improve the trigger reaction time a micro switch and low resistance wires were used. Unfortunately, the motor does not use neodymium magnets, which would improve the rate of fire. The muzzle velocity of the AT-AK12 we received was about 420 fps.

Thanks to a precision inner barrel it fires accurately at about 50 meters. For a stock replica, this is a very satisfying result. Summing up. This is a very well made replica with interesting solutions Some are surprising others seem poorly developed.

Never the less, the parameters of a stock replica make this a very good proposition for people that are not keen on products from the East. For more details and information please read our article at WMASG.

com Also, please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Lenght: 700-950 mm Weight: 3480 g Barrel: 6.01 mm in diamater


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