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(Airsoft Review)TM M870 vs TM M870 custom

(Airsoft Review)TM M870 vs TM M870 custom

Welcome to this video where we’re going to compare original inner barrels from TM and Wii tech precision long inner barrels We’re going to use together G&G 0.2 Bio Gas ExtremBlowBack from cybergun,not the best recommended for M870,but we have just this to make the test Distance:25 meters/27.

35yards We hit witheout any problem our human target to the body together,3 bb’s/3 Distance:40 meters/43.744 Yards We use a rangefinder to make sur about the distance We continue to hit together the target at this distance,we begin to feel bb’s dispersion from the body to the legs.

Distance:50 meters/54.68 yards We don’t hit anymore the target ,no way to hit even if we aim higher out of range even for me we have the same scope “So what do you think about it?Draw?” “Draw” In this part,we test the dispersion on the sheet metal gate about 30 meters/32.

8 yards It’s hard to catch the dispersion to the cam,i must do many replays to get some Finally a picture where i’ve succeeded to catch the 3 BB’s inside the red circle,i put bb’s in red too,clic your screen to full size to watch this and now my turn let’s compare the grouping is better with Wii tech precision inner barrel with same range we have won about grouping,so Wii tech precision long inner barrels are better than the TM orginal barrels Thanks to Quentin,our human target! and to Adrien Too ! Enjoy your pump .



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