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Airsoft Reviews / ICS CXP-MARS Komodo (español)

Airsoft Reviews / ICS CXP-MARS Komodo (español)

Hi folks how are you doing, we are back! Today we are doing a review… of an AEG many of you requested. This is the ICS CXP-MARS Komodo Lets see whats up with this rifle We will do some shooting So you can really check it out Lets start.

Here it is The MARS Komodo This one has a 36 cm (14 inches) long barrel Its almost the same size as your tipical M4 The biggest difference between this and the other ICS M4 range… are the externals and design like this one piece CNC handguard and some of the internals The hadnguard CNC machined aluminium and is one piece It has Keymod slots Here you can see a rail already attached At the front you can find fixed rails to the sides and top Here you have your flip up front sight You can remove this and add other model Flip it down and it wont interfer with your optics So you will have a clear line of sight And if you want to add more rail sections you can do that This one comes with 3 rail sections which you can mount in any way you please This rail system wont be wiggling around Its fixed by screws and uses a nut to kind of “free float” It feels very sturdy This is really good because.

.. It wont allow the internal barrel to wiggle around and that gets you more precise shots. Now lets take a look at the receiver This one was borrowed to us by Lupillo a fiend of the channel and Aztec Legion player.

Here it reads “Lupillo” Greetings and thanks for lending your AEG So, lets see this markings CXP, MARS which stands for Modern Assault Rifle System Original name by ICS The selector switch Which is ambidextrous Left and right side operation The mag release lever is also ambi So, left and right side operation, no issues This one is more traditional, however.

.. This one is a bit longer towards the back so you can reach easier with your finger On top we will find a picatinny rail Long enough for any sight or scope The front portion is machined onto the handguard and is flush So here you have good space The rear sight, which flips up also The main body feels really sturdy Full metal ICS externals are rock solid Like the machined parts, great quality Not flimsy at all! Now lets see the back It has an ergonomic pistol grip And ambidesxtrus sling mount points Heres the plate Loop on both sides And now, the stock Here you can see It has a QD sling attachment point QD stands for “quick detach” And well Inside the stock and buffer tube you will have your battery at the end of the stock you can see this really thick rubber pad Lets talk battery space As in many of ICS M4 series.

.. The available battery space WIll be inside the buffer tube So to swap your battery… push the adjustment lever… pull the stock all the way back and remove it Here we can see Our battery and a fuse This is a 7.

4 v LiPo battery (not included) This AEG takes 7.4 and 11.1 volt batteries Just be advised that you need to use the approriate fuse The yellow one (20A) is good for 7.4v LiPos For 11.1v you need to use the green one (30A) Because the 11.

1v has stronger discharge rate and the yellow one will certainly burn out So this is the available battery space. Lets check out the hop up and EBB Heres the hop up adjustment dial This one is rotary type I like the rotary types better Beacuse its better at keeping the setting Also in this models You have the Electric Blow Back (EBB) That with each trigger pull The simulated bolt will move back and forth This add realism And is a nice extra to enhance the overall experience Now, lets cheack out the internals Pull this pin out.

.. on the rear This one also has the renowned ICS split gearbox Two halves… In the upper half you have spring, piston, head, tappet etc. In the bottom portion you have your gears and trigger assembly This is always welcome Makes upgrades and fixes a whole lot easier to do.

.. since you dont need to take the whole thing appart Just work on one half which is great. This one in essence is a V2 Gearbox And is (mostly) campatible with TM standard parts We can add upgrades and other brand’s parts.

However I believe the stock parts are really good However there are upgrade options which is great! This one doesnt have the new S3 system, however this same model with S3 is available If you want to check out the S3 sistem one, click up here To close it back up.

.. You need to be sure that your sector gear… is showing the flat part And so you can pull the top part in Be careful with the tappet foot Close it good and push the pin And now lets talk mag compatibility Obviously ICS mags will work best However you can use other brands Here I have some mags, like this G&G Lets stick it in Stays in place, little wobble Here’s a Modify one Good fit, very little wobble And heres a generic M4/Stanag one wobbles a bit but stays in place works well enough This mags have in common.

.. that the little mound which hold the bb stop its a short type mound/lip This ones are the best for ICS brand M4 platforms You might get lucky and get a long lipped mag to work But if you want to be safe Check the type of lip on your mags The short one will most likely fit and work Now lets chrono it! Im using .

25 ICS brand BBs ok Its shooting 380-390 fps (rounded) Which is good Lets do a burst in full auto, remember im using a 7.4 LiPO firing… With th 7.4 you get 8 rps with a 11.1 you can easily double that Shotting at an average 385 fps Real speeds, good rof This is factory stock and its on par with other ICS guns Really good stats out of the box Now, lets shoot a bit Lets check accuracy at 30 m (32.

8 yards) This are the hits I was trying to hit dead center however its a bit windy but its good to test in a real world scenario We almost hit dead center Most of the shots are to the left Which is the direction wind is blowing right now good Any hit made into this sheet of paper (A4) is a guaranteed hit on a human torso at 30 yds.

This is the overall accuracy at medium range Lets move the target back Now the target sits 55 yards away Lets try and hit it… Remember this is factory stock Lets try get some pvc there Here are the hits at 55 yds 1,2,3,4,5 hits Had enough force to go trhou 2 sheets of bond paper Given the really windy day I take this as good enough We managed to get some hits in But for this long range shots.

.. I would recommend heavier BBs (.30) Solid hits at 50 yds I hope this info helps you out if you are planning on getting one of these I hope you liked this video This rifle is really nice, offers plenty of features Good internals, shoots ok If you have more doubts write them down in the comments section See you around Take care!


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