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(Airsoft Review) Well G74A – AK74U GBB

(Airsoft Review) Well G74A – AK74U GBB

Welcome to another AIRSOFT REVIEWS HD episode After one year with no new episodes we are back for a new series of reviews So in this episode i will unbox and present the new WELL AK74 U GBB airsoft gun This is a very cheap, full metal, gas blowback airsoft rifle The G74A comes in a printed carton box there are some notifications and the airsoft gun specs on it in the box you will find, the airsoft gun, one gas magazine, one sling, some bb’s, a cleaning rod and a small speed loader thats all, so let’s see the rifle! So this is the WELL AK74U (G74U) Gas blowback for only 120 € the first impressions are great! for that kind of money you can barely get a Chinese airsoft pistol So lets start with the construction as i said this a full metal airsoft gun and the body seems to be tough enough The only wobbly part for the G74U is the front handguard and it is pretty annoying for me but exept that the hole body construction seems fair enough made the only plastic parts are the front handguard and the pistol grip while the hole body, the buttstock, the outer barrel and the magazine are made of metal so lets see the pros and cons for the G74U from WELL Firstly i will show you the magazine this magazine comes in the box, it is a green gas (or propane) magazine with 45 bb’s capacity We will test the airsoft gun soon you have to pay attention when you load your magazine or it may be a little painful there is a small tooth to the front of the magazine that will guide your magazine in the slot the mag can hold enough gas for all rounds also you can find Co2 mag’s the magazine fits perfectly in the slot and there are no wobbly sounds on it so let me take a couple of shots in front of the camera the G74U has a classic AK fire selector with a small metal addition on it that helps you to move it fast Guys the G74U sounds very good and it kicks pretty hard and i love the sound of it, it’s so metallic and all that for 120 € until now i find it very good But there are some main drawbacks we have already talked about the wobbly handguard Another problem comes for the upper receiver that can be realesed and open during operation It seems that the internal bolt spring is loose and it can be easily moved i will try to find a solution for that annoying drawback another drawback comes for the foldable stock if you fold the stock and try to shoot the stock will unlock from the body the spring from the holding tooth is very loose and the stock will unlock in every shot technically it’s impossible to play with the stock folded in every shot the stock will be released towards your head another disadvantage for this airsoft gun is the very slim and small pistol grip it is much more slim and small from the same AK74 U made by WE-TECH anyway i can’t say that the pistol grip is bad it is small for sure but not so bad most of the drawbacks on this airsoft gun is based on the recoil system some times we had problems with the bolt system that it may stuck to the back or it may just pop up the upper receiver but we have to admit that for this price, those drawbacks are expected but we have to say that for 120 € this airsoft gun can provide lot of fun the G74U from WELL produces 410 fps (.

20g) out of the box the total length is 73,5 cm and it weight 3,2 Kg the weight balance is very good, almost 50-50% so it is easy to use as i said before there are Co2 magazines and the best part for those magazines, is the price you can get one magazine for only 18 € for that money you can barely get a pistol magazine and you have to spend 30, 40 or even 50 € for gas magazines for other popular airsoft rifles the G74U shoots pretty well and precise we did not even adjust the hop up unit for the test we mentioned that during the full auto fire, the fire selector dropped in the semi mode we will try to screw up the fire selector a bit our opinion is that the WELL G74U is a must have for your collection but it is not good enough to use it as a primary airsoft gun (reliability is not tested yet) but for 120 €, for a full metal, good looking gas blowback replica is a bargain! i hope you liked this video, so please give a thumps up and subscribe our channel for more videos! See you soon!


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