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(Airsoft Review) WE-TECH 1911 kimber warrior GBB

(Airsoft Review) WE-TECH 1911 kimber warrior GBB

this airsoft Reviews hd and today we will present a gas blowback airsoft pistol this is the 1911 kimber warrior made by WE TECH so i got the tan color version of the kimber warrior by WE TECH it is a beautiful full metal airsoft pistol with some great plastic grip covers externally you will find all the trigger safeties like the classic 1911’s a few words for the building quality it has a solid construction with no woobly sounds at all there is a small picatinny rail (20mm) on the front bottom where you can install any pistol type flashlight or laser sight the sound of cocking is good but not the best of all 1911’s i got on my hand i would prefer a better metallic sound but it is ok the sound of my KJW hi capa is much better than this one, but the slide moves smoothly it has a classic 1911 gas magazine magazine fits pretty well in the gun with no woobly sounds at all i can say that the building quality is very good also it is not heavy and the range of it is good enough as you will see the test soon it produces 310 fps (.

20g) i have to mention that the paintjob is not the best on the market if you use plastic pistol holster you will realise that they can scratched pretty easy so try to avoid the use of hard plastic holsters if you are not willing to scratch it so that’s all for the 1911 kimber warrior made by We tech it is powerful, with good range and it has a hard kick so in my opinion, the WE TECH 1911 kimber warrior is very good the tan color is pretty good too for me its a good buy! THANKS FOR WATCHING, PLEASE GIVE A THUMPS UP AND SUBSCRIBE!


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