Home Airsoft Reviews *Airsoft Review * VFC UMAREX VP9 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * VFC UMAREX VP9 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * VFC UMAREX VP9 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Bruce here. BB2K Airsoft Channel. Nice to see you Not only the weather is nice with 25 degrees. Also nice is this VFC VP9 GBB pistole it has a monster kick and sound. Fun to shoot this baby. I do not speak anymore .

I give you the intro the intro is finished and I always start…. stop. I have to say something very important. I would like to thank Christian Seidel. He provided me the VP9 for this review. he ordered it and let directly deliver to me.

Crazy. I am the first person who play with 🙂 this means. Christian gets the VP9 second hand back. Thumbs up. Thank you very much for your trust. Go on. i make a little unboxing for you. the airsoft comes in this carton with “H&K Noooooo Compromise” .

I also did not expect anything else 🙂 part of the contents: the course the beautyful H&K VP9 from VFC, two backstrap. You see you can change your grip 🙂 The first in Xtra large and the second in super slim.

you can also change the the side of the grip. delivery includes also 4 grip panels you can adjust the VP9 extremely good to your hand. I show you later how it works. the next part…. clearly…. the manual in many languages and of course.

for the super cool dude: a Umarex business card. Call me! The VFC VP9 has a bad ass kick. It kicks like a mule. really awesome! Do heard the sound? I hope it comes good in this video. really crisp. crisp kick & crisp sound! VP9 make me really happy 🙂 I continue with some info from the real steel H&K VP9 i show you some data here.

The gun comes out 2014 and it is the latest handgun from H&K. The name of VP means “Volkspistole” (german for “People’s pistole) and inherits from the VP70. The VP9 has the caliber 9x19mm and has some technical features.

the Patented HK charging supports make pulling the VP slide rearward effortless. if my arm is injured or gone. I can load the VP9. on a hard edge or very cool at the shoe bottom. I do not show you. Bad enough that christian gets my fingerprints at his weapon.

Shoe prints are not a good idea 🙂 the VP9 has a loading indicator. So you can see if the weapon is cocked. You know… i hold a airsoft in my hand. Not a real steel?! this means VFC has assumed the special features of the VP9 in their airsoft replic.

Good work VFC! the selling price is not so great. the VFC VP9 has a price of 220 euros!!! a proud retail price! airsoft is becoming increasingly expensive. I have the feeling. What do you think? why is the VP9 so expensive? hypothetically: it is brand new.

The real steel comes out 2014 and this airsoft replic 2016. It has all markings and logos from H&K (Thanks to Umarex) Yes…. that would be so flimsy arguments for a 220,- Euro airsoft 🙂 enough grumbling about the price! Now what do you get for the price? Again the issue price 🙂 Bodycheck, haptic and look.

if you hold the Vp9 in your hands. you’re excited about the quality. the casting seams are very discreet the metal slide looks very interesting. The coating looks like a real steel slide. the weight is nearly equal to the RS VP9.

There are even a few grams more. Here some data for you (please look data sheet)


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