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*Airsoft Review * Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Metal Stock (Folding Stock) PART 2 | Deutsch – ENG Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Metal Stock (Folding Stock) PART 2 | Deutsch – ENG Subtitle

I will show you now the markings of the Franchi SPAS 12. on the side: SPAS12 Tokyo Marui “made in Japan! on the heat shield: The marking “M” and “A” A: automatic (semi) mode M: Manual (pump) mode the mark on the side displays the selected mode.

The position of the pump handle points to the mark “M” for changing mode to SEMI (A). You must press this button and then move the pump handle to the postion “A”. This function is only available for the Real Steel! But it is great, that Marui was thinking of this detail.

The KTW SPAS12 does not have this detail. Markings are in place and the company Marui was thinking of all the details. Great job! Just as a quick history of Real Steel: The Franchi SPAS12 manufactured by company Luigi Franchi.

SPAS12 stands for: Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun 12 stands for the caliber. The SPAS12 was sold to military and police users worldwide. Advantage of the SPAS12 to normal pumpaction shotgun: the switchable Semi shot mode.

Franchi had ended production in 2000 of the SPAS12 to focus on the manufacturing of the Franchi SPAS15 model. for me: an ugly shotgun:-( But it has the advantage: A removable magazine. Back to the airsoft version.

It is time for the chrono. Manufacturer specifications: 285 FPS / 0.9 joules I’m curious what I can do with the old lady đŸ™‚ Note: I have only one BB per magazine. That does not distort the result. i cut out the reloading process to save time.

My SPAS12 could not reach the manufacturers data. The reason might be the age of the SPAS 12 (spring has no more power?!) let’s move on! We look at the quality and the features of the Marui. I can not grumble.

Although for many plastic parts. Everything is tight. No wobbling and no creaking. Usual Marui quality. also the metal stock is tight. I would not hold the SPAS12 with the carrying handle. I think the grip could be break ?! A further great point is the magazine it is quick to load and remove.

another feature is the “slamfire” mode. hold the trigger and pump the shotgun for shooting. account of the many plastic parts I would not make it often. On the topic durability. two years ago I bought a KTW SPAS12 this is also a spring powered airsoft like the marui SPAS12.

I show you here. upgraded with foldingstock and “hook”. The hook was imported from Korea. I was not impressed. The KTW is very cheap. Everything wobbles and you have fearful to destroy something. The KTW is not 1: 1.

Details missing and it is smaller than the original one. The markings “Automatic” & “manual” mode are missing. I have sold again the KTW, but i keep the metalstock with “hook” because the metalstock have the same dimensions like the marui stock.

The “hook” looks a little different.That’s what I see in another video. now it’s time to shoot. I will shoot at 15 meters. have fun. I come now to the pro and cons. it’s not easy for me. I’m crazy about the SPAS12.

to be objetiv is not easy for me. but I’ll try it I start with the positive. What’s positive for me? DAMN …. IT IS A FRANCHI SPAS12! a nasty badass best looking shotgun ever! Tokyo Marui has made a 1:1 rebuild airsoft.

Much love to the detail. This is the first positiv point for me. second positive point. The processing is exemplary. it does not look cheap. Everything is stable and no parts are wobble. good job Marui.

How is the quality is when played with it for 1 to 2 years. I dont know. Do you have the SPAS12 as a player? What can you tell me about durability? Another positive point:. the 3 barrel system, the airsoft shooting thereby extremely accurately.

through the 3 barrel system, the SPAS12 shoots 3 BBs at a time. Other shotguns shoot only a BB or two. The two BBs are located in the same barrel. Not very accurately. Another positive point: The magazine system.

Quick to load and handle. other airsoft shotguns are loaded via rod magazine. very impractical. now the time has come to say something negative. For defense of: The airsoft is old. It was produced in the 90’s.

Many plastic parts (Law in Japan). I will not say anything negative. I prefer to say my wishes. this is a greeting to Toyio Marui! Build this airsoft again in full metal. with the gas system of the M870 Breacher / Tactical Gastank in the grip, 3 and 6 shot mode.

.. if marui is very cool. Please with switchable mode (Semi & Manual) !!!! if Marui makes this. I fly immediately to japan and buy the very first SPAS12 Version2.0 Make it and Marui will be the coolest đŸ™‚ That was the review of the Tokyo Marui SPAS12 with metal stock.

I hope you enjoy it like me. if you say “YES”, then I would be happy about a “like”. when you subscribe to my channel. You get thumb high 1,2,3,4,5,6 …. times it would be great. It’s a sign that I’m doing everything right.

I wish you a nice weekend. Enjoy the first sunny days and I hope to see you again. Bye Bye


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