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*Airsoft Review * Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Metal Stock (Folding Stock) PART 1 | Deutsch – ENG Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Metal Stock (Folding Stock) PART 1 | Deutsch – ENG Subtitle

Hello my name ist Bruce. Welcome to the BB2K Airsoft Channel Today I want to show you something special my new walking stick it is a very rare Tokyo Marui SPAS12 with metal Stock I wish you much fun I would like to show you the original carton Unfortunately I do not have the box.

This looks like this The Metal Stock version was not sold in Germany There was only the standard SPAS12 version. The Foldingstock had to be upgraded I show you my box and compare the contents with the Metal Stock version.

I open the box First, we have the manual in beautiful colors: red, white, black 🙂 Tutorial Contents: Safety instructions, parts list, care instructions and so on. Everything in Japanese. Here’s the comparison: My box & Metalstock box looks almost the same way.

Cardboard is longer and the stock is still present back to my box. A magazine with 30 rounds capacity A loading tool for the magazine. this part comes to the magazine. Here you can fill 30 BBs a small bag of bb’s for quick start.

and of course the SPAS 12 I’ll show you more detail. The SPAS12 has a length of 800 mm without metal Stock. A weight of 2KG it has a lot of plastic parts but also some metal parts. I’ll show you the metal parts The Barrel, magazine tube, sight, sling mount, gas regulator,.

. the front sight, ejector (no function),loading lever, magazine cover, the trigger, the stock holder button, the safty is of metal. Safty on: Trigger is blocked. Safty off: Trigger unlocked the loading lever for the magazine have a Safty too.

the magazintube can be plugged in 2 reserve magazine. but it is not practical. I will show you now the metal stock length: 300mm & full metal stock extended: 400mm it has an arm rest. it can be moved in 3 directions and can also be removed from the stock.

it must be solved two screws to mount to the metallstock. I’ll show you. now easily assembled and screw it all Ready to go The metal stick is mounted. I’ll show you the SPAS12 in full length. there it is.

truly evil I think 🙂 it is now longer 80 cm + 30 cm = 120cm FAIL ! 110 cm is correct 🙂 the SPAS12 can better perform with metal stock the metal stock can be folded. sure, of course it can be folded again.

It now looks like this. Question: What is the purpose of this part? The name of the part: “Hook” or “armrest” it has two functions. The first function is easy to guess what is the function? hmmm right! it is a carrying handle you can go for a walk with your SPAS12.

There is a another function. therefore the name “armrest” If you’re a real Rambo. You want to shoot with one hand The airsoft is heavy (2KG) and the Real Steel has more weight! not easy and with caliber 12/70 the shotgun is flying out of your hand:-) for this reason, the “armrest” is mounted on the SPAS12.

It may be adjusted in 3 positions. I choose this position (because right-handed) I flap back the stock. I can put in my arm here. The arm is now supported by the arm rest. shoot with one hand is now very easy.

Check it out The entire weight now stored on my arm. no more problems with the weight of the SPAS12. there’s cool! I will show you now the SPAS12 in motion


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